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Eagle Owls

Friday 22nd September


Science - This week the children have been drawing electrical circuits using the scientific symbols. We have also discussed how to be safe when around electricity, this was a useful website


English- We have been designing our dream cars and have written descriptions about them. Eagle owls have been working hard to develop their sentences and range of descriptive vocabulary. It would be great to play the adjective game at home! Choose an item or a photo and then children have 1 minute to come up with as many exciting adjectives as possible. 


Maths- We have been looking at adding and subtracting mentally this week, starting with 2-digit numbers and then moving onto 3-digit numbers. It would be good to practice this as much as possible at home! There are some good maths games to support this on topmarks -


Harvest festival - We have been learning our harvest rap to perform next week in church. I will attach the lyrics below, have some fun performing at home! If anyone would like to help us walk to church please let me know! 

Friday 15th September

What a fantastic start to year 3! We have been very busy this week settling in and finding our way around in Key Stage 2. 

Science- This week the children have loved creating their own electrical circuits and trying to light up bulbs. It would be great if children could explore the different electrical appliances at home! 


English- We have been reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and have explored a range of descriptive language to describe the car. We have been using exciting adjectives and verbs to help extend our writing. Next week we will be designing our own dream cars and writing about these. 


Maths- We have been looking at the place value of numbers and started to compare and order them. Remember the crocodile always eats the biggest number! 




Scientists exploring electrical circuits!

Tour of Britain!

Tour of Britain!  1
Tour of Britain!  2
Tour of Britain!  3