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Hawk Owls


This term we are focusing on the structure and content of non-chronological reports. These are any non-fiction informative reports which do not need to follow time order in the explanation. We have linked it to our Science topic of 'Plants and Living Things' and have written reports about seed dispersal, the life-cycle of plants and fertilisation.


Also in Science, we have been planning and conducting our own plant-based investigations. We did an observation walk around the school to identify different types of flowers and plants, we have grown cress in different conditions, and we have watched how plants like celery absorb water.



We are recapping all the skills we have learned this year in Maths. Some methods of calculation include chunking for division, grid method for multiplication and column method for subtraction and addition.

We have been reading scales which are labelled in increments of 2, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50. We have been able to recognise acute, right and obtuse angles in shapes. We are also becoming experts at reading 24 hour time, plotting coordinates on grids and


Phonics and Spelling

Our spelling patterns have followed the National Curriculum's expectation of knowing certain spelling clusters, suffixes and prefixes for Year 3 and 4. These have included dis-, inter-, in-, un- and mis- (meaning 'the opposite of'), as well as -cian, -ly, -tion and -tian suffixes.

Some weeks we will include a few Common Exception Words, which are tricky words that Year 3 and 4 are expected to learn. These can be found attached below.


Sports Day

On Monday 26th June, we enjoyed our annual Sports Day at King Edwards VI School. The day was sunny and clear, and the activities were enjoyable and competitive. We participated in activities such as foam javelin, hurdles, obstacle course relay, sprints and tennis "keepie-uppies".