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Head Boy and Head Girl

We opened our tuck shop on Wednesday 12th October and business is booming! Our most popular snack so far is natural pop-corn, but the fruit yo-yo snacks are a close second! Help us continue to make this venture a success, please. Each snack is just 50p and we are open every day at first play on the Key Stage 2 playground.

Our Tuck Shop in Operation

We are very excited to be introducing a tuck shop to the Key Stage 2 playground this year!

The tuck shop will sell a range of healthy snacks to the children of Key Stage 2 each morning playtime.

In order to finance this project (especially pay back the money we borrowed to buy the trolley), we need to do a small amount of fundraising. We are going to arrange a sponsored walk in the next few weeks and will get the information to you as soon as we have finalised the details.

Thank you.

Che and Bella.

Our tuck trolley has arrived!

Our tuck trolley has arrived! 1
Our tuck trolley has arrived! 2
Our tuck trolley has arrived! 3