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Week ending 30th June


Here is a link to our Key Stage One song to say goodbye to Mrs Lundy. The children have bought the lyrics home tonight. Enjoy listening to it at home!



Week ending 19th May.


A massive well done to all our fabulous Year 2's. We have had a week of tests, tests and then a couple more tests. The children had such a fantastic attitude towards them and some even cheered every time they knew there was another test!! They have all performed brilliantly and I couldn't have asked any more from them. Well done Snowy Owls.

We can not give you any scores yet, as we have to wait for the Government to give us a standardised score in June, which will let us know how our children have performed nationally and will help support us with our own teacher assessment. We will of course inform you of the teacher assessment in the end of term reports. 

As a reward, we had a cinema afternoon yesterday and watched Shrek 2, the children loved finding all the fairy tale references, a lovely way to end our Fairy tale topic.

Next week, we will be looking at time, o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and 5 minute intervals. Any opportunity you have to support them with this over the weekend and next week would be great.



What a busy week!

We have;

• enjoyed reading fairy tales and identifying the features. We have found out that 3 is a special number often used in fairy tales. Can you think of any more examples? 

• we throughly enjoyed creating potions in our maths lesson on capacity. We did some very careful measuring in ml's. Maybe you could make a 'potion' for your family! 

• we have also planted a potato! Each class is growing a potato in the hope that we can grow lots and lots of potatoes. The class with the most potatoes grown will be the winner. Any interesting tips to help us would be wonderful!

• finally, we are so excited to see our beans are starting to germinate. Some are taking a bit more time than others but we are making sure the conditions are good for all of our beans, light, water and soil.  Well we think these are the right conditions, we have three beans that have different conditions. I wonder what will happen to them? 


Next week we are going to be doing money in maths. Any opportunities you get over the weekend to pay for something, receive some change would be great. 

PE is back to our usual days, Tuesday and Thursday. As it is the Summer term we will be doing both of these sessions outside, so please make sure your child has their trainers with them on both of these days.



It's the Summer Term and we are busy thinking about plants and what they need to grow. 

We had a super time at The Abbey Gardens, although we were all very tired on our walk back. But we saw lots of different plants and all the different environments they can grow in/on. We also saw lots of new plants starting to grow and bud.

We have started to grow beans. We will keep you updated on how tall they grow!



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Thank you for coming to our Takayama festival today! We had lots of fun showing you our wonderful home projects, our Takayama floats and lanterns. Some of us tried to show you our PowerPoint presentations that we have worked hard on, but as ever technology can let us down. So here they are for you to view and enjoy in your own time. Thanks again for all your support, it is greatly appreciated and the children get a real sense of pride in showing off their work.
All of these Power Points are completely independent, they have shown some great computing skills here, enjoy watching them.

Week ending 24th March.

What a very busy week! 

The children have been working hard on their end of term assessments, getting ready for our Takayama festival on Tuesday and creating some beautiful artwork with some special visitors.

This week coming in maths we will be looking at work based on fractions, so if you have anything you need to share equally into halves, quarters or thirds, please ask your child to help! 

In English we will be writing poetry, do you have any favourite poems? Share your favourite's with your family.



Remember to collect boxes and junk for our Japanese topic. 

We have been doing division this week. We have been dividing using many different strategies, sharing, grouping, drawing arrays, repeated subtraction and using the inverse. We have stuck to dividing by 2,3,5 and 10. But some children have a great strategy to divide by 4!


World Book Day!


Snowy Owls class looked very odd this morning. We had a granny, a wally, some batmen, a fairy, princesses, an explorer, a wizard, a witch and many more characters.

Picture 1
Thank you parents for helping your child get into the spirit of the day with all the wonderful costumes.

Week ending 24th February 2017.


We have been subtraction crazy this week. We have been subtracting 2 digit and single digit numbers, we have been taking away 10's from any 2 digit number, we have also been subtracting 2 2 digit numbers mentally and by using partitioning.

Here is an example:

76 - 48 =

76 - 40 = 36

36 - 8 = 28


We have also started our new science topic, materials. We have begun to look at different materials and their properties. Maybe you could look round your house and make a list of all the different materials you can find and why those materials have been used for that purpose.



Year 2 SATs meeting, Friday 24th February.


Thank you to the parents who came this afternoon to discuss the upcoming SATs. I know that attending a meeting in school time is difficult for many parents so please find below the presentation which was shown at the meeting.

If you have any questions after reading through the presentation please don't hesitate in getting in touch with Mrs White or Mr Suckling.


Crib sheet of terminology used in Year 2.

3rd February 2017


Hello, another fun week gone. 

We ate Sushi this week to mixed responses. However, what was really impressive was that everyone tried it, they may not have liked it but they tried it!  Keep your eyes peeled for some sushi making next week.


In maths this week we have been looking at place value, ordering numbers and finding out the missing number in an addition or subtraction calculation. We used number lines to help us by counting on and finding the difference.


We have also been thoroughly enjoying collecting Dojos, they have been earning them for everything, working hard, teamwork, sitting ready on the carpet, great listening, lining up beautifully and persistence. It really has given them all something to achieve and work towards each week.


Another website which Snowy Owls have been enjoying using this week is gonoodle. We have used it for relaxing and mindfulness, wet playtimes and getting our bodies ready for working. I think you can use it at home too, below is a link to the website.





This week in maths we have been looking at rotation. In particular quarter and half turns and clockwise and anti-clockwise. We also used a tube of smarties to collect data. We found out how many more of each colour we had in our tubes and if the colours were equally shared. We noticed quite a difference in each tube. They were also superb at sharing the smarties, and finding out a great solution when an odd smartie was left and could not be equally shared!!! 

Friday 27th January.

Today we spent our lessons thinking about our British Values. To highlight one of our values of Democracy, we had a vote about what equipment we would like to play with/on in our playground. We had a 'working party' to gather our ideas and then we had a private vote to make our own personal choice. The votes have yet to be counted and verified, but when they are, they will be discussed in depth with Mrs Allsopp and Mrs Lundy.

Picture 1

WOW!!!! What a fantastic afternoon we had today!

Thank you so much to all you fab Snowy Owl parents/grandparents for turning up today and helping make our Japanese craft afternoon a huge success.


I did mention our Japanese topic. Here are some more details.

Your child can, and it is not compulsory, make/build/write/draw/create a Japanese project. This is to be handed in by Monday 20th March and we will invite parents in again at the end of that week to share all our fabulous Japanese work.

The work could include a junk model structure of one of Japans famous landmarks. It could be some photos of them using chopsticks whilst trying some sushi. It could be a research piece, a collage, drawings or anything that grabs your child's attention.


Thanks again for your support today. We really loved having you all with us.

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and break.


We, in Snowy Owls, have had a great start to 2017. We spent the first two days thinking about 'Anti-bullying'. We now know what the term bully means, we know that we are all different, special and unique. And most importantly we all know how to be a good friend and how to help and support our friends if they feel they are being bullied.


Snowy Owls have also had a wonderful time 'flying to Japan'. We made our own passports, we visited the airport and safely got onto our plane where we took off and landed in Tokyo. Next week we are going to find out all about Tokyo and compare it to London.


We are really excited about our Japan craft afternoon on Tuesday 17th January at 2pm. Please come and join in with your child creating some lovely artwork in our classroom. We would love to share that time with you.


Maths: This week we have focused on measures, in particular length and mass. We used rulers and metre sticks successfully, and we can all read a scale going up in ones. It would be wonderful if you could do some baking with your child, and weigh out the ingredients together to continue our measures focus.

Picture 1
What a fabulous week in Key Stage One! We are so proud of all the children and the work they put into our amazing nativity, Mary's Knitting. Thank you parents for all your support with costumes and line learning. 


This week we have been using money. We have been learning to find different combinations of coins to equal the same amount of money. So, if you are out shopping with your Snowy Owl child this weekend, please help them practice using coins and making different values. Next week we are moving on to telling the time.





Our topic this half term is called Fire, Fire, Fire! we have been concentrating on the Great Fire of London. This week we learnt about a man called Samuel Pepys and how important his diary is to help us learn about the Great Fire. Play this game to find out more about Samuel Pepys.





Hope you all had a lovely half term? We have enjoyed listening to all the adventures and activities Snowy Owls have taken part in over half term.





In Maths this week we have been learning how to read, write and identify fractions in shapes, the fractions we have been thinking about are 1/2 1/4 2/4 3/4 and 1/3. If you eat a pizza over the weekend, see if you can divide the pizza into 1/4s.

We have also started to think about halving numbers, so if you still have some Halloween sweets left over, you may want to share these out with someone else. How many will you have each?


We have also been thinking about why we have Bonfire Night, the children all know how to be safe around fireworks, they will be watching all the adults to make sure they follow our firework safety rules!!!!


Picture 1

Welcome to Year 2 and Snowy Owls. We have had a great start to the new term and school year. 

We've begun our topic the 'Carnival of the Animals' and we found a strange footprint, what is it? We thought of lots of different things it could be, a space man, the man who came to kill the bees or a large animal. What do you think?





Picture 1
Here is the letter we gave out at the 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon. It has lots of information about book changes, PE days and our expectations over the school year.