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SEND Provision Update During School Closure


Dear Families,


This is a strange and challenging time for all of us, but we do appreciate that for some of our children this time could be even more worrying and stressful, so we have put some thought into resources that might be useful for children with SEND.  The children are all very different so there is a wide range of links and websites, and there are good ideas on all of them so pick what works for you and your child.


I can see in Education City that all classes are providing different work for different groups of children. I know that some children have special packs liked to their SALT (Speech And Language Therapist) or DOT (Dyslexia Outreach Team) support, and others may have had suggestions directly from their teachers.   Do bear in mind that the children are often supported by an adult to complete their classwork in school, and therefore will probably also need your help to do some of the work that their teachers are setting.  Please get in touch with your class teacher if your child is having difficulties with the learning that is being provided for them, they can make alternative suggestions that are perhaps more achievable.

More and more resources are becoming available and we will add to this page throughout the school closure period.  In the learning section I have included a couple of links for reading – one which gives free access to books for children who are building reading fluency, and another which provides free audio books, stories that you can enjoy with your children without the pressure of reading – a balance between the two is ideal!


I have also included a lot of links to support emotional well-being, and techniques which may help children who are suffering from anxiety.


I have been in touch with many of you directly, and will continue to touch base to make sure all is well.  But if there are things that are proving challenging for you at home please do contact me ( or call the school directly and we will do our utmost to support you at this tricky time.


Very best wishes to you and your families,


Lara McMurray




Government Guidance for SEN

The Government have prepared some advice and resources to support parents of children with Special Educational Needs, or those that require extra help and support to access learning, so I am forwarding it on to you in case it is useful.


Parent-led information

Resources and informed opinion about children with SEN aged 0-25.

Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

The Emotional Well-being Hub has lots of advice for supporting well-being including links for children and young people coping with anxiety, depression or showing self-harming behaviours

They are providing a phone only service for families who have a child who is really struggling – it’s open 8-8, 7 days per week 0345 600 2090.


This webpage has lots of useful links for talking to children about Covid, and helping manage any anxieties they may have.  The website is aimed at SEN but would be useful for all children who have questions or worries.


Axel Scheffler has produced a book about Covid-19 Coronavirus just for children - and it's available as a FREE download.


These are two links suggested by our play therapist with techniques to support children suffering with anxiety .



Help for how to read with your child to increase their understanding of what they are reading (reading comprehension)


And some ideas on how to make even little things a learning experience


Free access to books for developing readers


Free audio books whilst schools are closed (you need an Amazon account, but not Amazon Prime)


Not just for ADHD - scroll down to free on--line resources, many of which may help with focus and motivation!


This is a selection of activities that you can use with ANY book that your child enjoys reading - there are 18 ideas altogether - pick what works for your child!


For children working with Speech and Language Therapy Team or the Dyslexia Outreach Team

Dyslexia Outreach Team

The team are in contact regularly, and Mrs Springett will continue to send through resources directly to those children working with DOT.


Please continue to work on the last SALT targets that the children were set in Spring 2, a copy of these targets should have been sent to you at home, but do liaise with your class teacher if you need support.

We also have been sent links to some more general resources to support children with Speech and Language difficulties.

This is just some general advice about being clear in your communication

And this is a fun game, which can be adapted to parctise different speech sounds, according to what your child is working on at the moment.