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EGGciting news - our eggs have hatched!


Having an EGGciting time being creative!

Home learning - Friday 5th March

Today is our last day of Home Learning, because on Monday we can all be in school together - HOORAY!

We would just like to say a huge, heart-felt ...


to everyone for their amazing efforts, patience, creativity and perseverance - you have been amazing!


Today, we have one challenge, one very important activity and one final 'Feet-up-Friday' whole school activity.



Today we have an RE challenge for you. Tom and Tessa have got some pictures of crosses to share with you. Please click on the link below to see the learning activity.

RE - crosses

Very important activity!

It is just 3 more sleeps until we can all be back in school on Monday, so you need to get ready! Follow the instructions below to make sure you are super-ready to be up bright and early, and fully prepared!


  • Find your bookbag - take out anything that has been lurking in there for a very long time!
  • Read your reading book one last time and then pop it in your bag
  • Find your sound cards. Impress your grown-up with how amazing you are at saying each sound, then put them in your book bag
  • Find your whiteboard, pen (if it is still working!) and rubber and put these in your bookbag - you will need these to do your super learning at school
  • Go and see if you can find your school shoes - don't forget you will need 2 of them! Put them somewhere safe so that you can find them easily!
  • Practise putting on your coat and make sure that you can do it up ALL ON YOUR OWN!
  • Ask your grown-up if they can help you find your water bottle and check that it still has your name on it
  • Ask your grown-up if they know where your school uniform is - you will definitely need this! Don't forget though, that you will be wearing your PE kit on Monday
  • Practise going to bed early and getting up bright and early in the morning - you have 2 more days to make sure you are an expert at this!


Well done - now you are ready to come back to school!


Feet up Friday - whole school challenge.

For your last whole school activity we have a photograph challenge - enjoy!

Enjoy your learning today, take care and we will see you all on Monday - we can't wait!

Celebrating World Book Day with Supertato!

Home learning - Thursday 4th March - WORLD BOOK DAY!

We are so excited for today because we know that you are going to have so much fun!

Children all around the world are celebrating books, and we are going to join in with them a day of activities based on the fantastic story of


1. Join us for our class zoom session - remember to wear you book character costumes if you are up and sorted in time!


2. Go to Tapestry and listen to the story of Supertato


3. Create your own Supertato (or other superhero fruit / vegetable!) You might want to use the googly eyes we delivered on Tuesday, and also find some other things that might be useful - pens, scraps of paper or fabric, craft materials etc. Take your potato (or similar) and think about the superhero that you want to make - it doesn't have to be Supertato if you have another fantastic idea in mind! The pictures below might give you some ideas. 


Once you have your Superhero made, you will need some other characters - you can make these out of other fruit and vegetables, or you could find some small toys to help you in your play.


4. Play! Use your fantastic imaginations to play with your Supertato/hero, and other characters. Think of a problem that might happen where Supertato needs to come to the rescue. Perhaps someone is in danger of falling, or is stuck somewhere? Maybe they have been trapped, or might get trodden on or run over? What will happen when Supertato comes to the rescue? 


5. Set up a scene - when your characters are at a really great part of your story, stop to think! I wonder what the character might be saying?


6. Write a speech bubble - on a piece of paper, write a speech bubble for your character. We know that you can all use your phonics sounds really well, and use your beautiful writing to do a fantastic job! When you have finished, cut the speech bubble out and place it in you scene - TAKE A PHOTO! Mrs Borrett has had some great fun with her characters - the pictures below might give you some good ideas.

7. Join us for our extra joint zoom meeting in the afternoon at 2:30pm. We will be looking forward to seeing your amazing creations and hearing all about your superhero adventures. There will also be a special quiz for you to join in and a chance to see all of your friends in Early Years dressed up in their costumes.


Have a really SUPER day - we know that you are going to have a lot of fun!

We are baking experts!

Home Learning - Wednesday 3rd March

Well done for your super learning yesterday everybody. You are doing so well with your writing ... just scroll down to see some great examples. We hope that you are going to have fun with your special science challenge with the cornflour ... we had a great time exploring with this in school.

Today we are going to finish the story of Biscuit Bear, and then we have our live zoom cooking session - hope to see you there!



Today is the day we find out if the dog really did eat Biscuit Bear! Go onto Tapestry where you can enjoy the whole story.

I wonder what you thought of the character Biscuit Bear? Can you think of some words to describe him? Maybe you thought he was fun, or brave? Perhaps you think he was clever or full of ideas? I wonder what words your could use to describe the way that he looks?

Write a list of three (or more) words to describe Biscuit Bear. You can either describe the character in the book, or if you join us for zoom cooking and make your own biscuits, you could write 3 words to describe how yummy your own biscuits are!

Remember to sound out your words with your phoneme fingers, and then use your sound card to help you write the sounds you can hear. Remember to just have a go - it doesn't matter if the words are not spelt perfectly.



Today we are continuing to learn about comparing numbers. Don't worry if you don't have any dominoes - you can easily make some of your own by drawing dots on small bits of paper. 


Today we are revisiting the trigraph 'igh'. Please watch the video on Tapestry to join in with today's learning.



Today is a day for catching up with challenges, or joining in with a new one!

If you have not yet explored your cornflour challenge, follow you instructions and enjoy having some fun!

If you can, please join us on zoom for a biscuit making challenge. If you are not able to do this, then maybe you could challenge yourself to help in the kitchen today to prepare some food. You might make your own sandwich for your lunch, or help to peel some vegetables. Don't forget to help with the washing up!


Today is also Miss Maria's last live story time on zoom - it would be lovely for you to join us!

Tuesday is a great day for writing!

Home Learning - Tuesday 2nd March

What a great job you did yesterday of exploring with your shadow puppets - we hope that you had fun finding out how to change the size of your bear!

Today we are finding out a little bit more about Biscuit Bear and what happens next in the story. It is also book collection and delivery day so we hope to see you later to say hello if you are in. Our special delivery this week is a really fun science one that we know you are going to enjoy - watch out, you might get a bit messy!



Today you need to go to Tapestry and listen to Mrs Borrett read the next part of Biscuit Bear. Now have a careful think - what do you think is going to happen next? Think about what has already happened, and what you already know and then predict what you might think happens next.



Today we are playing a game to help us think about how many objects we might have if there are more or fewer. You do not need to have cubes, any small objects will do.


Today we are revisiting the digraph 'ee'. Please go onto Tapestry and watch today's video to help you with your learning.



Today we have a physical challenge for you to enjoy - click on the link below to take you to a Yoga Bear Hunt!

Your extra challenge for this week will be delivered to your door later today.


Have a really good day with your home learning.

We have had fun exploring with shadows

Home Learning - Monday 1st March 

What a glorious weekend of sunshine - I hope that you have all managed to get outside and enjoy some long walks, playing and exercise. This is our last Monday of home learning - the end is in sight! You have all done such an amazing job, and we are so nearly there - just one more week! To celebrate we have a great fun week lined up for you with a 'Bear' theme running through it, and World Book Day on Thursday to look forward to.



Our new English book this week is 'Biscuit Bear' by Mini Grey.

Take a careful look at the picture below and then have a think about the questions.

What is happening in the picture? Take a really good look and talk about all the things that you can see.

What can you see in the picture? Look carefully – how many people can you see? 

Who do you think they might be and what are they doing?


Now go to Tapestry to listen to Mrs Borrett read the first part of the story.

For your task today you will need a piece of cardboard - an old cereal box would be perfect. Take a look at the shape of biscuit bear and draw it onto your cardboard - it probably needs to be a bit bigger than your hand. Be careful to look at the arms and legs and draw them so that you are able to cut them out.

Cut out your Biscuit Bear - you will need to be VERY careful to cut right on the line as you will need it for you challenge later!


In our maths today we are counting back from 10 to 0. Get ready to sing some songs!



Today in our phonics we are revisiting the digraph 'ar'.

Please go to Tapestry and watch today's phonics video to help you with your learning.



Today we are going to have some fun with shadows!

You will need:

 - your cut out of Biscuit Bear

 - a small stick ( lolly stick, or one from the garden will be perfect)

- some sticky tape, or a little strip of paper and some glue

 - a lamp, a torch, or maybe some bright sunshine!


First you will need to make your cut out Biscuit Bear into a puppet by sticking on a stick.

Next you will need to ask a grown-up to help you find a torch, lamp or a sunny spot. Put it so that it shines in front of a wall, or a plain piece of paper.

Finally you will need to do some super exploring!


Can you make a 'bear' shaped shadow? What happens when you make you bear dance? Can you make your bear shadow get bigger and smaller? Draw a face on your bear - can you see it on the shadow? I wonder if you can think of a way that you might be able to make eyes for your bear ... a little hint - you need to be able to let the light shine THROUGH your puppet!


Can you find some other interesting things to make shadows with? Maybe try a fork and a spoon? 

Have you got a toy that you could use to make a shadow? 

Maybe you could make up a shadow puppet play?


Finally, I wonder if you can explain WHY your puppet makes a shadow ... what is it doing to the light?


Have a super day of learning - we can't wait to see what fun you had with your shadows!

Home learning - Friday 26th February

Well done for some fantastic speech bubble writing yesterday everybody. Your monsters had a lot to say and we are so impressed with the way you sounded out your words and used all of your phonic knowledge - well done! Scroll down to take a look at some of your fantastic writing.

Today is 'Feet up Friday' with a slimmed-down work-load and a whole school challenge to be creative with some up-cycling. It is also playful phonics on a Friday, so we know you will have plenty of fun today!




We are enjoying a game of bingo today in our maths learning - good luck!


Today is Friday Fun Phonics day. This is your opportunity to enjoy playing some phonics games to practise you skills. You might like to play some games to help you with becoming a digraph expert, or maybe sing along to your alphabet songs to help you learn your alphabet names. You could even write the alphabet in order if you fancied a real challenge!

We know that you all have your favourite games that you like to play, whether they are ones that you have at home, those that you have created yourself or ones that you can play on-line. We will be playing Hairy Phonics at school today!

Have fun!



Today's whole school Friday challenge is to 'upcycle' something by creating something new from something old. Please go to Tapestry to find further details.


Have a great day of learning and a super weekend. Just one more week of home learning before we will be ready to welcome you all back into school - hooray!

What did your monster have to say today?

Home learning - Thursday 25th February

What a lot of monster fun you enjoyed yesterday! The pictures you have sent in of your monsters are fantastic - you have all created super monsters in so many different ways! Well done everyone!

Well done also for taking your monsters on such great adventures - you certainly found lots of great things to show your monster and teach them about and it is great to see you all having fin in the sunshine!

Today we have some more monster learning to enjoy ... keep going, you are doing really well!



Today we are going to write a speech bubble for your monster. You can choose the monster you made for your amazing creation yesterday, or your monster friend to have a chat to. Maybe you could ask your monster how it is feeling, and what it likes to eat? I wonder what your monster likes to play with, and what it is really good at? I wonder whether your monster uses a whispering voice, or if it's voice is squeaky or loud?

Once you have finished having a chat with your monster, have a go at writing a speech bubble. Choose something that your monster has told you and get ready to write it down. Find your sound cared to help you and then use your phoneme fingers to help you sound out the wounds in each word - watch out for any digraphs that you can hear, think carefully, be confident and have a go! Try to remember to use finger spaces, and check that you are holding your pencil with froggy fingers.

Note to parents - remember that your child's writing doesn't have to be completely accurate, just try to encourage them to write the sounds they can hear in each word. 


Please go to Tapestry and watch today's story-time video to see the whole of the story of Bedtime for Monsters ... it is a great story with a surprise ending! Enjoy!



Today we are continuing our learning of 9 and 10 by thinking about their composition. I wonder what you will draw for the activity - those black dots could be wheels, bubbles, or even spots on a monster! Remember to check that you have drawn the right number!



Today we are revisiting 'ng'. Go to Tapestry and click on the video - enjoy your learning!

Don't forget to keep practising your alphabet names as well.



Today's challenge is an introduction to our RE learning. It is based around the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff and linked to the idea of bridges. Please click on the link below to follow the instructions and enjoy the challenge.

Home Learning  - Tuesday 23rd February

It was so lovely to see so may of you up bright and early and ready for your learning yesterday, and great to hear that you have enjoyed your half term holiday with lots of walks and exploring outside, playing, creating and cycling!

What a great start to the new half term with your learning - some very careful phonics, marvellous maths and marvellous monsters! Today we are continuing with our monster theme with some exciting exercising and marvellous map making! It is also book collection and delivery day ... watch out for a special additional monster surprise!


English - session 2. Illustrate it

Look again at the picture from the book.

Where do you think this is happening? What do you notice in the background of the picture? Is it real or not? What do you think it is like here? Are there schools there for monsters? Who else lives there? What do they do all day?


If you were going to draw a map of the place where the monsters live, what would you include?

Do you think there are trees or playgrounds? What about roads and buildings? Perhaps there will be a river or a lake, or maybe a swamp? Will the cave and the mountain be on the map?

Use any materials you have to hand in your home to create your own imaginary map of the land where the monsters live.

Don't forget to upload your 'marvellous maps' onto tapestry so that we can see what you think the monster land looks like.


Maths - today we are improving our learning about 9 and 10. Please click on the link below to watch the video and follow today's activity - please remember that you do not need to print off the cards - it would be really good to make your own to complete the sorting activity with.



Please go to tapestry and watch today's phonics video - we are revisiting the digraph 'ch'.

Don't forget to also practise your alphabet names - the links to the songs are below, or you can sing your own favourite, or even make up your own song! You should also find your sound cards helpful to become an expert!


For today's physical challenge, join Oti to enjoy some super cool monster dance moves!

Home Learning - Wednesday 24th February

Another terrific Tuesday everybody - well done for your super learning yesterday. We really liked your ideas for the maps you drew of what it might be like in your monster land ... I wonder if you would like to go there for a visit, or if you think it might be a little bit scary?

We hope that you all received your monster delivery safe and sound. Don't forget to look after it really well and make sure that you keep it happy and safe - you will need your monster ready for today's challenge!



Today we are going to use our imaginations and creative skills to make our own monsters! Have a look at the link below and watch the short story to give you some ideas about what a monster might look like.

Think about the colours and shapes that you might use to create your own monster. What kind of body shape might it have? How many arms and legs? What shape are they, long or short, zig-zag or wiggly? You might have a story book about monsters that could give you some ideas, or you could take another look at the dice monster game sheet to give you some inspiration.


Now it is time to have some fun! Create your very own monster. You can do this in any way you like. You could draw it or paint it, create it out of play-dough or make it from recycled junk. Remember to think about each part of your monster, what shapes and colours you want to use and how you can make it AMAZING!

Have fun and remember to share your fantastic creations with us on tapestry.



Today is all about ordering numerals to 10. Again, you don't need to print the sheet as you could get some extra number writing practise in by making your own number cards. If you are already an expert, you could give yourself an extra challenge and extend this activity by using numbers to 20. You could also try making a number-line that starts with the highest number and goes back down to the smallest number.


Today we are revisiting the 'th' digraph. Please watch the video on tapestry to help you with your learning.


For today's challenge you will need your monster friend that was delivered to your door, and a grown up to take you on a monster adventure!

Take your monster on a walk with you and teach it all about the things that you find along the way. Can you find something that is:

     rough, smooth, bumpy, alive, wet, prickly, old, crunchy

      something hiding

      something surprising!

      Can you make a ‘m’ for monster out of things you find on your walk – sticks,

      stones etc

Have a great time on your walk and remember to keep your eyes open so that you can teach your monster all about the world outside!

Super monster maps!

Marvellous Monster Monday!

Home Learning - Monday 22nd February

We hope that you have all enjoyed a great half term break, have been able to have some fun with your family and managed to get outside to enjoy a little bit of fresh air and very welcome sunshine!

Some of you have been very busy taking special care of your cress seeds and have had successfully gown cress that looks just perfect to pop in a sandwich - well done!


This week we are exploring a new book called 'Bedtime For Monsters', by Ed Vere. Today we are looking carefully at the picture below and then doing some clever thinking about the questions. We will havea chance to read the whole story later in the week.


Look at the picture from the book.

Talk together about what you can see in the picture.

Who do you think the characters in the picture are?

What are they doing? Are they doing anything that you like doing?

What do you notice about the monsters in the picture? Are they all the same or are they different?

What words would you use to describe them?

How do you think they might be feeling?

Why do you think there is one monster by himself? How do you think he feels?  Why do you think he is in a cave?

What do you think might happen next in this story?


Play a guessing game with somebody at home. Take it in turns to choose one of the monsters in the picture and give 3 clues to describe it so that your learning partner can try and guess which monster you have chosen. You will have to have both super observing skills and listening skills to be a winner!



This week we are exploring the numbers 9 and 10. Please click on the link below to find today's learning where we are finding different ways to build 9 and 10.


In our phonics over the next few weeks, we are going to be revisiting all of the digraphs that we have been learning so that we can become super-confident in both reading and writing them. Please go to Tapestry where you can find the video to support today's learning.


In addition, we are going to be learning the names of the letters in the alphabet. If you are not already an expert at this, then you can use your sound cards to support you by playing letter naming games (start with just a few letters and build up just a couple more at a time), and click on the links below to take you to some catchy songs that will help you with your learning.


Today we have a dice game drawing challenge for you to have some fun with. You will need a piece of paper and something to draw with, as well as a dice or numbers 1-6 written on pieces of paper that you can use to pick a secret number.


You are going to draw a monster by rolling the dice to see see what shape to create a body, then add on eyes, a mouth, arms and legs. Have a go and see what monster you create! When you have finished your masterpiece you could improve it by colouring it in. Maybe you could draw a second monster, or play the drawing game with somebody else at home to see if your monsters look the same or different?


Don't forget to show us how you get on by uploading your monster creations onto Tapestry.

Home Learning - Friday 12th February

Today is the last day of this half term, which means that next week you all get a whole week off from home learning. We would like to say an enormous WELL DONE and THANK YOU to all of you for doing such a fantastic job. We know that at times it may well have been challenging, but if you take a moment to reflect on what you have all achieved you should all be super proud of yourselves!


Today we have just two activities, as we are joining the rest of the school in a 'Feet-up-Friday' afternoon where you can enjoy some well deserved family time. Please see Tapestry for further details if you want to join in with the whole school suggested fun activity. Don't forget, however, that you can always explore your favourite phonics games if you find yourself full of learning energy and enthusiasm! 



Today we finally get to share the whole of the story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes. Please go to Tapestry to watch Mrs Borrett read the whole book - watch out for the surprise ending! Do you think Mr Wolf should have done this? Maybe you have changed your mind a bit about Mr Wolf?


Once you know how the story ends, take a look at the story map below and use it help you re-tell the story. I wonder if your will be able to use cross voices for the grumpy characters? Can you remember to add in the bits where Mr Wolf achieved things 'all by himself'?


We have been reading Mr Wolf's Pancakes because next week it is Pancake Day ... or Shrove Tuesday. Please click below to find out what this special day is all about. You might even want to make a pancake as a tasty treat!

Shrove Tuesday

Have a great day of learning and enjoy some great family time over the half term break. Hopefully we will get some sunshine so that we can get outside and get lots of fresh air!

We will be looking forward to seeing you all again on zoom bright and early on Monday 22nd February.

What do you think Mr Wolf will do?

Home Learning - Thursday 10th February 

It was really so lovely to see so many of you today on our book delivery. It is probably our favourite time of the week, being able to say a quick hello and have a quick catch up - we are sure that you have all grown! It is also good to see how excited you are about this week's extra challenge of growing some cress ... Mrs Lamb's son is helping her to grow some too, so hopefully we will soon be able to share some 'growing updates' with you on Tapestry.


How did you get on with your FREEZING experiments? Did you find water in your bucket, or had it changed over night? Were you surprised by what you found?


Just two days to go until we all get a break over half term - you are doing so well ... keep going!


English - Mr Wolf's pancakes part 4!

Today Mr Wolf sets off home back from the shop, carrying his ingredients all by himself! He does, however, meet a few characters on the way ...
Please go to Tapestry and listen to Mrs Borrett read NEARLY to the end the story.

Imagine that you are Mr Wolf. Think about how the other characters have behaved towards him and how they made him feel. Think about Mr Wolf and what type of character he is.

I wonder what he will do next?

Either draw a picture to show what you think happens on the next page, or write a sentence to tell us. If you are feeling like a super-learner today you could do both!

We can't wait to see what great ideas you have - I wonder if you all think the same thing will happen?


Maths - today we are matching numbers, counting to see if there are 6,7 or 8. When you try the activity, you don't have to print the sheet, you can easily use some small pieces of paper to make your own playing cards - the pictures should give you some ideas!





Today's challenge is a really fun one which will get you moving!

We are going to pretend that we are Mr Wolf carrying his shopping home.


 - You will need 3 things to carry (maybe not eggs ... you will see why!) - toys are fine!

 - You will also need to make a 'challenge' obstacle course! You could use cushions, a chair, a blanket, pretend stepping stones... anything you can find. Set up your obstacle course - try to include something to go along, round, over, under and on. There are some pictures below to inspire youu, but I am sure you will have your won great ideas!


Now, carrying your 3 things, see if you can get through your obstacle course without dropping anything!

Ask someone else to have a go - can they manage it without dropping anything? Can you improve how well you do by going faster? Can you find a way of making it more challenging ... maybe you can carry more than 3 things?


Have fun, but make sure you stay safe!


What a busy Wednesday!

Home Learning - Wednesday 10th February

What another super day you all had yesterday - great learning together with the added bonus of another opportunity to play in the snow! We really liked the shopping bags and baskets that you created - Mr Wolf would certainly have appreciated your help! Enjoy your learning today - there is an extra challenge for all of you budding scientists!


English - Mr Wolf's Pancakes part three!

Today we read the next part of the story and find that Mr Wolf goes to the shop to buy the ingredients on his shopping list. Please watch the video on Tapestry to see what new characters he meets and what happens next.

Have a careful look at the picture below. 

 - Look carefully at Mr Wolf's face. How is he feeling? I wonder why?

 - Can you think of 3 reasons why Mr Wolf might be feeling proud of himself? It may help to think about

    what he has managed to do all by himself!

 - Look at the lady shop keeper. Do you think she is rude and grumpy like the other characters that Mr Wolf

    has met in the story? How do you know? Do you think she would be happy to help Mr Wolf? Why?

 - How do you think Mr Wolf will be feeling on his way home? Is this how he felt on the way to the shops? 



Maths - Today we are exploring the composition of 8. I wonder how many different ways you can find to make 8?

Phonics - today we introduce 'er', which is our very last digraph! Well done everyone, you are phonics superstars! Please watch the video on Tapestry to complete your learning.



Mr Wolf did a super job of counting the money in his piggy bank, so we thought we would give you a fun counting challenge to enjoy too!

You will need

 - a money box - if you don't have one you can ask an adult to help make on really easily by cutting a slit in a box - I found a chocolate box that I had at Christmas!

 - a pile of coins (it doesn't matter which ones!)

 - a timer. You might find that your grown-up has a timer on their phone, or you could ask someone to count for you and be a human timer!

 - something to write your scores on - your whiteboard would be great

What to do:

 - get everything ready!

 - set the timer to 10 seconds and see how many coins you can put into your money box before the timer stops. Count the coins to check and write it down. 

 - try it again. Did you get the same number of coins in the box?

 - set your timer to 20 seconds. Do you think you will get more or fewer coins in the box? Give it a try!

You can play this game as may times as you like. You could also ask someone else in your family to have a go - did they get a higher score, or a lower score?

Extra Challenge for all the budding scientists amongst you!

The lady on the telly has told me that it is going to be VERY cold tonight ... so cold that outside will be like a huge freezer!

What a fantastic opportunity to revisit having some ice fun like we did a few weeks ago! Why not leave some water outside over night and give one of the ideas below a try, or come up with your own!

 - fill different shaped containers with water and see what shaped ice blocks you can make. A rubber glove could be interesting!

 - try making your water different colours to see if it turns into coloured ice

 - put things in your water to freeze them into a block of ice - you can then rescue them in the morning

 - try adding different things to your water to see what happens? You could try salt, flour, ... anything you may have spare in your cupboard!

 - find the biggest container you can to see if you can make an ENORMOUS ice block - one of the buckets we were exploring with might com in useful!


Have fun with your learning!

Mr Wolf needed some help to carry his shopping - you had some great ideas!

Home Learning Tuesday 9th February

What a great day we had playing in the snow! Your super creations, big smiles and excited faces shows just what a snow day is all about! Well done for getting your home learning done in time to also enjoy the snow - good work everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the first part of Mr Wolf's Pancakes. You had some really good ideas about what you thought of the characters and how they were feeling ... you will meet some more in today's instalment of the story.



Go to tapestry and watch Mrs Borret reading then next part of the story. Mr Wolf decides that he is going to write a shopping list to help him remember what he needs to buy from the shops. 

Have a go at writing a shopping list to help Mr Wolf. Remember to sound out each of the words and use your sound card to help you write down the sounds you can hear - you can also use your phoneme fingers to help you too. Remember, it doesn't matter if your words are not all absolutely correct, as long as you have a really good try!


Maths  - Today we are sorting and also looking at the composition of 7.



Today we are learning about the trigraph 'ure'. Please look at tapestry to watch the video.



Poor old Mr Wolf needs to go to the shop to get his ingredients for his pancakes, but he doesn't have anything to carry them home in. Your challenge for today is to see if you can help him out. 

Can you make a bag or a basket to carry the shopping? It will need to be strong, and have some handles that his paws can carry it with. Maybe you could use some paper, or a container from the recycling bin? I wonder what you might need to fix it together and attach the handles? Is it strong enough? Maybe you could test it by putting some objects inside ... maybe not eggs though! How can you improve it? Could you decorate it to make look better?

If you are stuck for ideas, there are some pictures below to give you a few ideas, but I know that you can do a much better job than me! Have fun with your creating!

Home Learning Monday 8th February

I wonder if you found any snow to play in yesterday? I waited all day to have enough to play in, and then as it got dark it started to snow! If there is any snow today, then why not put on your boots, wrap up warm and go on an adventure!

Welcome to our last week of home learning for this half term - we are nearly there!

This week we have one of our favourite stories for you - Mr Wolf's Pancakes. We have chosen it because it is NEARLY Shrove Tuesday (we will learn more about that later in the week), and also because it is a really great book with lots of our favourite characters in. We will reveal a bit of the story each day, and then read the whole book at the end of the week - there is a great surprise to look forward to!



Go onto Tapestry and listen to Mrs Borrett reading the first part of the story, where Mr Wolf knocks on Chicken Licken's door. Have a look at the picture below, and think about what the characters faces look like. 


 - I wonder how Chicken Licken is feeling? How can you tell? I wonder why he is feeling like this?

 - I wonder how Mr Wolf is feeling? How can you tell? I wonder why he is feeling like this?

What do you think about each of the characters? Are they nice, kind, grumpy, cross, polite, rude? Think about they way that they spoke to each other

Is it how you expected the characters to behave?


The story of Chicken Licken is our story time book on Tapestry today so don't forget to watch the video to find out just how daft Chicken Licken is!


Maths - Today we are learning all about the number 6 and finding different ways of showing 6. Please follow the link below.


This week is our final week of introducing new phonic sounds - after that we will just keep over-learning them until we are experts! You are all doing so well - keep up the hard work!

Today's sound is the trigraph air - please watch the video posted on Tapestry.



Today we have a drawing challenge for you. It is to draw the Three Little Pigs who will feature very soon in our Mr Wolf story book. If you are not already an expert, watch the video using the link below to find out how to draw these three great characters.

Don't forget to post your learning on Tapestry so that we can see what a fantastic job you have done - lets see if you can be a real Go-For-It-Gorilla today!

Have fun with your learning!

Friday 5th February - Home Learning

It was very exciting that so many of you zoomed into the bake-along! Thank you for joining in with such enthusiasm and we hope your rock cakes tasted as good as they looked!

We are very aware that you are all juggling many different things at home and fitting your child’s learning into very busy lockdown schedules.  Please feel free to be creative with the activities today and treat this as ‘Freedom Friday’ or maybe even ‘Feet-up Friday!’  At school today, it would be physical Friday, so if you can, take the opportunity to set a physical challenge for the whole family, such as going for a long walk instead of one of the activities suggested below.

You should have received an email with login details to a month's subscription to Bug Club, where you will be able to find digital phonic reading books.  Please contact us if you have not received this.

Well done on another fantastic week of lockdown schooling. Have a lovely weekend.  One week left before half term!


English – Create it


Were you surprised by what was in Billy's bucket?  We would like you to create your own scene inside a bucket.  This could be an underwater scene like in the book, or you might like to create a completely different scene!  Choose how you would like to show your scene.  Here are some ideas, but you might think of some better ones:

  • Draw a picture of a bucket and what you think is inside
  • Collect some toys in a bucket and take a picture of it
  • You could add speech bubbles or thought bubbles 
  • Act out your scene

We look forward to finding out what you come up with!


 Maths – measuring ingredients

If you don’t have cream of tartar, here is another recipe you could use instead:

Phonics – Friday Phonics

Spend some time playing phonics games.  By now you probably know which websites are good, for example Phonicsplay.  Or, you could be inspired by some of these ideas by children from England and Scotland classes:


Music challenge – making drums with pots and buckets

Find a bucket, or an empty yoghurt pot or pan and turn it into a drum!  Can you copy a rhythm that your grownup shows you.  For example:

Coffee, coffee

Cheese and biscuits

Vegetable soup

Can you think of your own rhythms or maybe you could drum along to your favourite song!

Tremendous Thursday Learning

Thursday 4th February - Home Learning

Today we are going to find out what Billy does with his bucket!  Before you watch the video in the link however, please complete the English challenge. How many ideas will you come up with, and will one of your ideas appear in the story?

At 1.30pm we will be trialling our first ever bake-along!  We cannot guarantee successful rock cakes, but it may prove to be a memorable lockdown experience!  You should have received a zoom invitation.  If not, please ask and we can send it again.  We are looking forward to seeing some of you with your mixing bowls, ready to use your marvellous maths measuring skills!


English – Imagine it and write a list

What do you think Billy would do with a bucket if he actually got one? Have you ever used a bucket before? What did you do with it? Perhaps you’ve been to the seaside and used one to build a sandcastle or collect water from the sea, crabs or shrimps or rocks and shells in. Perhaps you’ve used a bucket to wash a car with.

Think about all the different things that Billy could possibly do with a bucket and write these down in a list. (Use your phonics.  Remember we are not looking for correct spelling but for the sounds that we have learnt so far.)

Now look at the list you have made. Which thing do you most think Billy wants the bucket for?



Well done for all your thinking about birthdays and buckets.  It is time to find out what Billy actually gets for his special day!


Maths – Measuring capacity – how many fit inside

Phonics – please see Tapestry


Science challenge – float or sink experiment

  1. Go on a hunt around your house for items that would be suitable to test. Here are a few ideas, but you might think of lots of other ones:

Lego brick, spoon, cork, sponge, apple, coin, balloon, marble, ice cube (please check with a grownup before putting anything in water!)

  1. Predict: which do you think will sink and which will float; you could make a table using your items a bit like this:

(Take a photo of your predictions so you can look back at them.)

  1. Fill a tub or sink with water and put each item in, one at a time.
  2. What did you find out?  Did you guess which things would sink and which would float?  Did anything surprise you?

As an extra challenge, you might like to make a boat using kitchen foil.  How many coins (or marbles or anything else) can you float in it until it sinks?

Marvellous measuring and great gifts

Wednesday 3rd February - Home Learning

It was lovely to see some of you yesterday.  Well done for keeping up with your reading and it is good to hear that you are enjoying lots of stories read to you by your grownups too!

We hope you had fun with your balloons.  Did you stick it to a wall?  Did you play balloon tennis?

Today we are going to have a little trip down memory lane and think about birthdays and seaside outings you have had in the past.  We are also going to experiment with different sized containers.  Have a good day and please keep posting your activities on Tapestry!


English – Talk about it, draw and write

􀂃 What do you think Billy was doing just before he asked for the bucket? Look at where he is standing and the way his body is facing. What might have given him the idea of asking for a bucket?

􀂃 Why do you think mum says, “Buckets are far too bucketty for a birthday present.” What does she mean? What do you think she is really thinking here?

􀂃 What else do you think might happen on Billy’s birthday?

􀂃 What is your most memorable birthday present? Who gave it to you and why was it so special?


Draw a picture of your best present and write a label for it; tell your grownup what you want to write, sound it out (use your phoneme fingers) and use your phonics to write the sounds you can hear.  Remember to post your pictures on Tapestry so we can share them here on this webpage for everyone else to admire.


Maths – Measuring capacity

Phonics – please see Tapestry


Challenge – talk about the seaside

Have you ever visited a beach?  Do you have any photos?  Talk to your grownup about what you saw and did there and watch the children going to the beach in this episode of Let’s Go For a Walk.  Did your beach look like this one?

This is what we think Billy's Birthday will look like

Full and empty

Tuesday 2nd February - Home Learning

What a great start to the week you all had yesterday!  You did some fantastic wrapping and surprised people in your houses with their presents and you have been very inventive with finding things to weigh and ways to find out what was heavier and lighter.  We hope you enjoy looking at the photos on this webpage and finding out what your classmates have been up to!

Thank you for posting your ideas about Billy onto Tapestry.  Today we will continue to think about Billy and his birthday.  Please post your pictures on Tapestry and we will share them on this webpage for you all to admire!

Our book delivery service will be operating today, so please have your books ready to be changed and give us a wave and a hello from a safe distance!  There will also be a surprise challenge included...


English - Illustrate it

Imagine it is Billy’s birthday.  Think about the moment he opens his birthday present from his mum and dad.  What do you think will be inside? Close your eyes and try to picture this moment in your head. Where is Billy opening the present? Are his mum and dad there? What are they doing? Is it in the lounge where they are sitting now, or somewhere else? What is the wrapping paper like? What is underneath the paper as he tears it off? How does he react to what he sees?

When you have a really clear picture in your mind, take a pencil and some paper and draw what you see. If you have coloured pencils, felt tips or crayons, you could use these to add colour to the illustrations as you can see in the book. You could ask someone else at home to draw alongside you. Did they have the same idea as you or a different one? Remember, everyone has their own ideas, and that this is a good thing, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Post your pictures on Tapestry.


Maths – full and empty

Phonics – please see Tapestry




Today’s challenge is a physical activity; Andy’s Wild Workouts will take you to the beach!

For an extra challenge, find out a bit more about beaches in this episode of Something Special:

Monday's Wrapping and Weighing

Monday 1st February - Home Learning

Welcome to the start of another week!  Our learning will be based around the story of ‘Billy’s Bucket’ by Kes Gray.  As you might guess from the title, the bucket takes centre stage in this story and as usual we will be asking lots of questions about the illustration before the story is revealed later in the week.  Maths activities  are based on mass and capacity; we will be doing lots of practical weighing and measuring, so you will have lots of opportunity to talk about what you are doing using  words like ‘heavy’ and ‘light’, and ‘full’ and ‘empty.

On Friday in maths you will be able to make your own playdough using flour, salt, vegetable oil or baby lotion and cream of tartar so you might want to add these to your shopping list for this week.  (Don’t worry if you don’t have any cream of tartar, we will also give you a recipe that doesn’t use it.)

If you fancy a bit more measuring and mixing, there will be a bake-along on Thursday afternoon.  Please check your email for more details!


English - Explore it

 Read the spread from the text below and look carefully at the illustration:


Talk together about what is happening here. Whose birthday is it? Think about the character of Billy. What do you know about him from the text and illustrations? Who does he live with? What is their home like? What objects in the room do you think belong to Billy? What is similar about Billys life and your own? What is different?

Now think about the present Billy asks for. Is this what you would expect a child like you to ask for as a birthday present? Why do you think he might want a bucket? What might he want to do with it? Have you got a bucket in your home? What do you use it for?

Look at and think about Billys mum and dad. How do they react to his request? Look at the way the illustrator has drawn their faces. What does this tell you about how they are feeling? Can you make this expression yourself? What do you think they might have been expecting him to ask for? Do you think they will get him the bucket he wants? Why or why not?

Please share your ideas on Tapestry.


Maths – Comparing mass – heavier and lighter than

Phonics – please see Tapestry


Challenge - cutting, folding and sticking skills

Find an object in your house that you think someone  in your household might like as a present. Find something to wrap it in; you could use wrapping paper, but newspaper or an old magazine would work just as well!  Wrap your present neatly and surprise the lucky person with their present.  How do they look when they open the present?  How did you feel when they were opening it?

Friday 29th January - Home Learning

Well done everyone, not only have you nearly completed another whole week of home learning, but you have done some super learning along the way - you should be very proud of your achievements! It is amazing how much you are growing in confidence with your phonics - keep up the hard work, you are doing a great job!

Enjoy your last day of learning for this week and then have a great weekend playing and having fun with your families!


English - Create it

Think about your own family. What special memories do you have of moments that you have spent together? It might be an everyday event, like watching TV together or eating a meal together, or an exciting and special memory like a party, trip or holiday. It might involve lots of family members or just one person.


Draw a picture of the family moment you are thinking of; you could write some words about this moment to describe what was happening or how you were feeling.


Talk about your drawing with other people in your family. Do they remember this moment too? What are their special memories of being together as a family?

You could write these down on little bits of paper to make a jar of special memories. You can then open these up at different times and talk about your special times together.


Maths - Today we are having another challenge to find out how many are hiding.

Phonics - It is Friday Phonics which means we are playing games to consolidate our learning - hooray! If you have a favourite game that you would like to play, that is great, if not then click on the link to Phonics Play, or get some inspiration from the pictures below.


Do you remember Tom and Tessa? They are Christians and enjoy learning about God and Jesus.


For today’s RE learning we are thinking about prayer. Tom and Tessa often pray to God with their family at home and with friends when they go to church, as Christians believe that praying is a great way to talk to God. Today Tom and Tessa are praying to say ‘thankyou’ to God, and they thought that you could make up your own prayer too.

Have a think about things that you would like to give thanks for.


Can you think of something in the world that your would like to say thankyou for? It might be something beautiful or very special, something very big or very small.

Think of something to do with your family that you would like to give thanks for - maybe a very special person, or something that you enjoy being able to do together.

Think of someone that you would like to give thanks for - maybe someone who does a special job that helps us or keeps us safe and well.

You might like to draw a picture to show what you would like to give thanks for in your prayer.


Thursday - a great day for writing!

Thursday 28th January - Home Learning

Wow! What a busy day you all had yesterday! We are really impressed with your super writing and amazing houses, you came up with such fantastic ideas - don't forget to scroll down to see what your friends have been up to!

I wonder if your daffodil has changed yet? I have one too and mine is beginning to open out so that I can see the petals. Does yours look like a flower yet, or is it still a bud?

We have another busy day of learning today - have fun and try your very best to be a go-for-it gorilla!


English - Imagine it

What does it feel like to sit and do nothing? 9You may have had a lot of practise at this recently!)

Take a few minutes to just sit somewhere and do nothing, turn off the TV, put your toys away and just sit like Auntie Bibba and Uncle Didi or just look out of the window like Mum and the baby. Is it relaxing? Boring?

Ask other people in the house to do the same. Do you all feel the same way or does it feel different to different people?

Can you think of something that the family could do together in the house? What do you like to do with your family? Have a go at writing your idea down. Listen carefully to the sounds in the words and use your sound card to help you write them. Can you hear the first sound? What about the sound in the middle? Can you hear the sound at the end of the word? It doesn't matter if you are not sure about the spelling, just have a go and do your best!


Maths - today we are using our clever thinking to find out how many are hiding!




Phonics - today we are learning about the 'or' digraph - please watch the video on Tapestry.


Challenge - We have been looking really carefully at the picture of the family in our story book this week. For your challenge today find out about a family that lives somewhere else in the world. Follow the link below to take you to the Cbeebies programme 'Where in the World' and then choose a family to find out about. 

What was happening in the programme? 

Did they look like they were having fun?

Was there anything different about the family to you and your your family? Was there anything that was the same?

Did you see their house? Was it similar or different yours?

Maybe you could find the country you were learning about on a map or globe and see how far away it is from where we live.





Have a super day learning everybody!

Wonderful Wednesday House building!

Wednesday 27th January - Home Learning

It was so lovely to see so many you yesterday when we were delivering reading books - sorry if we called when you were not in!

We hope that you have had a careful look at your daffodil? Did you notice more than 2 colours on it? What did it feel like? Hopefully you have found somewhere safe to keep it so that you can look at it every day and notice if it changes.

Well done for sharing your super learning on Tapestry - you have certainly been very busy! We are very much looking forward to seeing your ideas about who was at the door!


English -Talk about it

Re-read the page again, and talk about the family scene that you see:

Do you have aunties and uncles? What are they like?

Who else is in your family?  

Do you have friends and relatives that come to visit you? What do you like to do when they come round to see you? 

Think about the sound the doorbell makes ‘DING DONG’ Can you think of other words that end with the same sound /ng/? How about ring or song?

Write a list of words that end in 'ng'. Can you think of 6 words to write? Try to use your very best writing and leave a space between each word so that you can read it back with your grown-up.


Follow the link below to see the whole story being read by a little boy on YouTube. I wonder if you were right about who was at the door?

Maths - Today we are learning about finding out how numbers can be split into 3 sets. Please don't worry about having to use frogs for the activity - you could easily use toys, buttons or just bits of paper.

Phonics - today we are learning about the digraph 'ar'. Please find the video on Tapestry.


Challenge - Today is a making day! 

Our story is about a family who are waiting inside their house - a little bit like you! I wonder if you can make a house? You can make it from anything you like - maybe have a rummage in your recycling bin to see if you have any boxes that might be helpful, or if you have Lego at home you could maybe use that for your creation?

Think about what your house will need - some windows, a roof - don't forget the door! Can you find a way of making the door open? I wonder what colour your house will be? Does it need any decoration? How coud you improve it?

Here are some pictures to give you a few ideas if you need them. We can't wait to see your amazing houses.

We hope to see you all on our zoom class meeting, and again in the afternoon for story time if you can make it! Have fun with your learning.

Terrific Tuesday Learning!

Tuesday 26th Home Learning

It is so good to see and hear from so many of you after the weekend. Well done for doing a great job with your home learning yesterday - it is always good to see not only how well you have done with the work set, but also all the other great ways you find to learn and explore at home - you are full of such creative ideas! 


English - Illustrate it

Think about the people you can see in the house; Mum, the baby, Auntie Bibba and Uncle Didi. Who might be ringing at the door? Do you think it is someone they already know? Think about the way they call “Yoooooo hoooooo! Yoooooo hoooooo!” – would a postman or a stranger do this?


Finish the sentence at the end of the page ‘It was…’

What do you think this person looks like?

Look at the way the illustrator has drawn the rest of the family in the picture and think about the visitor outside the door. Is it just one person?

Do they look similar to anyone in the picture or do they look different? Are they young or old? Do they have short hair like Uncle Didi, braids like Mum, or something totally different?

What are they wearing? What do you think their face looks like? Does “Yoooooo hoooooo! Yoooooo hoooooo!” make you think they are happy and smiling, sad and frowning or something else?


When you have an idea of who might be behind the door, fold a piece of paper or card in half, like a greeting card and draw a door on the front. You can then open the card and draw who you think is behind it. Share your card with someone else; let them open the door and tell them who is inside – were they surprised?


Maths - today we are learning about adding sets together to find a total


Today we are learning about the 'oo' digraph again, but this time it is making a longer sound like in the word 'food'. Please find the video on Tapestry.


Today's challenge is physical one - enjoy some happy dancing with Oti!

Monday - busy concentrating and having in our learning!

Home Learning Monday 25th January

Welcome to a brand new week - we hope you have had a great weekend are are now ready for some new fun learning! We have a new story to base lots of our learning around called 'So Much' by Trish Cooke and Helen Oxenbury, and will be using this to have a think about ourselves and our families.

Later in the week we are going to need some empty boxes to do some fantastic creating, so maybe start collecting a few and putting them somewhere safe!


English  - Explore it

Read aloud the spread below, and spend time looking at the illustration together:



Talk together about what you have read and seen, focussing on the setting, characters and what is happening.

Where is this story taking place? How do you know?

Who is in this story? What do you know about them?

What is happening here?

What are the people doing? How are they feeling? How does the picture help show you this?


Talk about how this scene relates to your own life.

Have you ever been at home with your family where you ‘weren’t doing anything’?

How did it feel?


Now think about what might happen on the next page. Who do you think might be at the door? Why do you think this?


This week we are learning about how to combine numbers.


Due to technical difficulties (that are very frustrating!) we have had some difficulties with today's videos, so if you are unable to watch the video on Tapestry please see the pictures below - please just check that you follow the correct slides for your child - you do not need to do both sets! We do apologise, and hope that we can get the fault fixed for tomorrow.


If you have been learning digraphs, today's new sound is 'oo'. This is a special digraph that can make 2 different sounds, but today we are learning about 'oo' as in 'look'.


Start by finding your phonics flash cards and tricky words, and practise reading these.

Next, look at the picture below and read the words and sentences, looking carefully for the digraphs.


Now have a try at writing words for these pictures - foot, book, wood, hook. Remember to use froggy-fingers and to write both o's to make the 'oo' digraph.

If you have been learning to read short words using single sounds, please follow the instructions below:


Start by finding your phonics flash cards and practising saying them with the actions.

Find cards s,a,t,p,n,m,d - you will need these for your learning.


Spread the cards out and use them to write the following words. Use your phoneme fingers to help you sound out the 3 sounds for each word, then find the correct cards and put them in order to make the words.

                                                  man  mad  pad  sad  sat  mat


Now read these words together with your grown-up, blending the sounds together to read each word.


Have a think about what you look like when you feel different emotions. Find a mirror and try pulling a face to see what you look like when you are happy, sad, excited, angry and worried. Can you think of any other ways you might feel?


Using a piece of paper, make some cards to play a game with - you will need 12 altogether. Draw pictures to show different faces like the ones shown below. You will need to draw 2 of each face. 

Now muddle your cards up and spread them out so that you can't see the pictures. Play pairs with a partner - turn over 2 cards at a time - if they match you can keep them, if they don't match you have to put them back. Have fun!
Have a great day with your learning - don't forget there is our class zoom meeting at 9:00am, a story on Tapestry to watch, and a live story session with Maria at 2:30pm.

Friday Phonics

Equal and unequal groups

Home Learning Friday 22nd January 2021


Well, we have reached the end of another week of lockdown home schooling.  Well done to all of you – children and grownups- for taking such an active part in your child’s learning.  We know you are juggling family and work commitments and we stand in awe of your achievements this week!  We hope that you can enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend, or at least a break from home schooling!  The English activity for today may help with this; it is the last one based around ‘Oh No George’ by Chris Haughton.


English- Create it

Create some family agreements that will help you look after your home and each other’s things. How could you be helpful and work as a team? Draw up a chart with some suggestions for keeping your home nice for everyone.

What could you do if you have upset someone else? What is most helpful? Could someone help you write a note or draw a picture to say sorry? What would you say? Give it to the person and see how it makes them feel. Did it make them feel better? How?

Think about your friends and family. How can you show you care about each other? What would be a kind thing to do for someone else? Try to do something kind for someone else every day. How does it make you feel?


Maths – White Rose 5 Alive in 5 week 1, session 5, equal and unequal groups


On Friday in school we usually play Hairy Phonics.  If you have not already done so, you may like to download the app (we believe it’s free).  Hairy Phonics 1 starts with the sh,ch, th sounds which we learnt last week so is the perfect place to begin!



If you would rather not use a device and be more physical on a Friday, you might like to make some simple games to help you learn your tricky words.  Here are some ideas, but you may think of some better ones:

Challenge – the story of the Good Samaritan

You may have this story at home, or watch the following clip:

Discuss these questions with your grownup:

Who was kind in this story?

Why did he not walk past the hurt man like the other men?

What can you do if you see someone who is hurt or upset?

How we look after our pets

Home Learning Thursday 21st January 2021


What a fantastic assortment of dog masks you made yesterday!  Scroll down to see all the wonderful creations made by your friends.  Can you guess who is behind each mask?  If you have not sent us a photo via Tapestry or email yet, it is not too late!  We will add any other canine creations that are sent in.


Today, we are continuing our dog theme based around 'Oh No George,' and we will be finding out how to look after dogs.  In maths, we are comparing numbers to work out what is more and what is less.


English- Imagine it
Think again about Harris’s question, “George! What have you done?”

 What do you think George has done?

 How did he ruin the place?

 What other things might George have done to the house?

 Do you know a dog? How do they behave?
You could draw what you imagine George might have done to the rest of the house or how you think the furniture was knocked over.
Look at the last scene in which Harris holds out the empty plate and George looks upset.

 Have you ever felt sorry like this?

 What did you do? How did you make it better?

 What do you think George should do now? How could he make it better? What would you do or say to Harris if you were George?


Phonics - today's digraph is oa; please watch the video on Tapestry


Maths - comparing numbers to 5


Challenge - Find out how to look after a dog

Click on the link below and watch the video.  It will show you some of the things you need to do to look after a dog.  Many of you are already dog experts and may be able to think of some other things as well!  Think of a way you could present your information; for example you could write a list or you could draw a picture to teach someone else how to look after a dog.

Home Learning Wednesday 20th January 2021


Well done yesterday for your fantastic ideas about how the pictures in 'Oh No George' show us how he is feeling.  Your photos and drawings certainly show  the difference between how we look when we are happy or sad. Today you will be able to continue thinking about  how George is  feeling and how these feelings make him behave as your challenge is to make a mask and do some acting!


Challenge - make a dog mask.

You could use anything you have available in your house.  The examples in the photos were made with paper plates, an old cereal box, a magazine and some bits of wool.  You could make a mask that can be tied around your head, maybe with an old shoelace or a bit of string.  Or you might use a stick or some card to make a handle to hold the mask in front of your face.

What will your dog look like?  Our story on Monday had lots of different types of dogs and our story today is Hairy Maclary with fantastic illustrations of big dogs, sausage dogs, spotty dogs and skinny dogs.  You might want to look at these on Tapestry before making your mask to give you some ideas.



English - Talk about it

Why does Harris say, “Oh no, George!”? Can you say it like you think Harris would say it? How do you sound? Why?

 Do you think George understands what he has done wrong? What makes you think that?

Wear your dog mask to act out what you think George would say and do.  How do you think George would sound?

Please post your photos and ideas on Tapestry and we will put them on the website.


Phonics - Please watch the video on Tapestry


Maths - White Rose Alive in 5, session 3

Terrific Tuesday Home Learning - happy, sad and more!

Home Learning Tuesday 19th January 2021


Well done everyone for lots of fantastic thinking about George and Harris!  If you haven't seen them yet, you might like to start off today's learning by scrolling through the photos of Monday's learning on this webpage, and reading through everyone's comments on the Tapestry post of Oh No George!   It really is great to see all your opinions and it  feels as if we are having a class discussion, even though we are not at school. Did anyone  else feel hungry thinking about cake? 

You will be able to listen to the full story in storytime on Tapestry today.


English - Illustrate it

Look at the way George looks in each of the pictures. How can you tell when he is happy and excited? How do you know when he feels sad? Talk about how his face changes and how his eyes look each time. What does his body position tell you about how he is feeling? Can you pretend to be George in each scene and change your eyes, your face and your body to show you feel either happy or sad?

Draw pictures of George showing him looking happy and looking sad.


Maths - White Rose Alive in 5! week 1

We are representing numbers.  Click on the link and select session 2.



Phonics - today's digraph is 'ee'.  Please watch the video on Tapestry.



A physical challenge today -  join in with this cosmic yoga adventure where you will travel into the future to meet a robot dog!  

Home Learning - Monday 18th January 2021


Welcome to the start of a new week of home learning!  We hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed playing in the snow.

This week our learning will be based around the book, 'Oh No George' by Chris Haughton.  We were very impressed by your thoughtful comments about Blue Penguin last week and look forward to finding out  your ideas about this book.


English - Explore it and post your comments on Tapestry



Oh No, George! trailer

A book about a dog trying to be good. George the dog tries to be good when his owner is out with mixed success.

Read aloud these pages and look carefully at the pictures. What do you notice? What is happening?


George was really happy to see Harris when he came home. How do George’s feelings change? How can you tell? What is he thinking? Why is Harris cross? What has George done? What makes you think that?

Talk more about George and Harris. What is their relationship? Would you like to meet George and Harris? Why? Why not?

How would you describe each of the characters? Try not to just think about the way they look, think also about the way they behave.


Maths - White Rose Alive in 5!  week 1

Today we are learning about 1 less and singing counting songs.  Click on the link and select  session 1.

Phonics - today's digraph is 'ai'.  Please watch the video on Tapestry



Your challenge for today is to draw a puppy.  We will be doing more drawing tomorrow and this video will help you become an expert at drawing dogs!

Home Learning - Friday 15th January 2021

Everyone did such a great job with their learning yesterday - lots of very careful writing, great maps and amazing penguins - scroll down to see a fantastic Penguin Parade!

Today is the last day of our first full week of home learning - WELL DONE!

Please see below to see what we are learning about today - it is the last day of learning about our Blue Penguin, and we are also thinking about how we are so special. 

Enjoy a great day of learning and a good rest over the weekend.


English - Create it  

Think about what makes you the same and what makes you different to your friends and family. Talk about what kinds of things you have in common; perhaps you share similar features like eye or hair colour; perhaps you like to do the same things; perhaps you behave in similar ways?  
Now think about how you are different from other people. What makes you unique and special? What differences could you celebrate and enjoy about yourself?  

Draw a picture of yourself and talk to someone about what links you to your friends and family and what makes you special and unique. .

What would the world be like if everyone was exactly the same?

Maths - White Rose activities session 5

Follow the link below and select Day 5 - Special delivery - today we are delivering letters!

Phonics - We have introduced all of our new digraphs for this week. Have a go at practising all of your sounds using your sound cards, and reading your tricky words. At school on a Friday we play Hairy Phonics, so we thought it would be good to play some games today at home too.


Follow the link below to take you to Phonics Play and press start. 

Select Phase 3 and then set 7. Choose a digraph you know to play the game with.

If you are not quite ready for reading digraphs, select Phase 2 and then select a sound to play with.

Have fun!

Challenge - As it is Physical Friday, we have a physical challenge for you today to get you moving ... like a penguin! Click on the link below to enjoy some Cosmic Yoga.

Story time - Today's story on Tapestry is Elmer. This is one of our favourite characters, and will also help you to have another think about what makes us special, and how it is good to be both the same as and different from each other.

Don't forget you can also join Maria for live story time this afternoon on zoom!

Home Learning - Thursday 14th January 2021

Hello everyone. Well done for your super learning yesterday, I hope you found somewhere to put your water to see if you can turn it into ice ... maybe not in the oven! 

Today's learning is set out below - look forward to seeing how well you get on!


English - 4 Imagine it

Think about how sad or confused Blue Penguin might be after this and how you could help him feel good about what makes him different and special.

Write a kind note to share your thoughts - have a go at using the letters you can hear in the words. (note to parents - we are not expecting the words to be spelt correctly, just encourage your child to have a go).

Share this with someone in your family. Do they agree it will help Blue Penguin feel proud?  
You could also think about what you might want to say to the other penguins about how they could make Blue Penguin feel more welcome. What do you think they should do or say now?

Maths - White Rose activities session 4

Follow the link below and select Day 4 - Dashing through the snow - today we are drawing a map!

Phonics - 'ng' video is available on Tapestry


Challenge - Make a penguin! Look on tapestry to watch a video of Mrs Clark making a penguin, then have a go yourself!

 Have a lovely day and work hard everyone - we are looking forward to seeing your creations!

Wonderful Wednesday Learning

Home Learning - Wednesday 13th January 2021

Another busy day of learning at home - it is really great to hear that so many of you are enjoying the work that is being set, Well done everyone!

Today's work is set out below - don't forget our 9:00am zoom, and if you can make it story time with Maria in the afternoon.


English - 3. Talk about it

Have another think about Blue Penguin - it might help to take another look at the pictures from yesterday. 

Talk to your grown-up about these questions ...


Why do you think the other penguins asked if Blue Penguin was a real penguin?   

Was it kind to ask Blue Penguin if he was a real penguin?

What could the other penguins have said or done to be more welcoming?

Why does Blue Penguin feel like a penguin?

How is he the same as the others?

What make you the same as your family or friends?

What makes you different or special? 


Now go to Tapestry and listen to Blue Penguin story time where you can enjoy the whole story.

Maths - White Rose activities - session 3


Follow the link below and select day 3 - Wrap up warm!

As we looked at hot and warm clothes last week, for the activity draw a picture of you doing a summer activity and a winter activity.

Phonics -  th - video for today's learning is available on Tapestry 

Challenge - For today's challenge we are going to explore making some ice! Collect together some small pots or containers and carefully put some water in them. Think of some cold places to put them - you could try the fridge, the freezer and outside. Keep checking to see what happens throughout the day. What do you notice? Has it changed? I wonder why? What does it look and feel like? If you want to get creative you could try adding things to your water ... maybe something to change its colour, or a small object. Have fun!

Just for fun ... click on the link below and enjoy singing and dancing along!

Terrific Tuesday Learning

Home Learning - Tuesday 12th January 2021

Well done for your great learning yesterday everyone! 

It seem that Tapestry was really struggling yesterday - many appologise for not managing to get our Story-TIme video uploaded ... like many of you, we couldn't access this site without it crashing! Fingers crossed that they will have fixed their problems today.


Today's Learning:

English2. Illustrate it

Imagine how confused Blue penguin must be to be asked if he is a ‘real penguin’. He feels like a penguin. How might he show the others that he is a real penguin?

What do you think all penguins do?

How do they move?  

What do they sound like?


If you haven’t seen penguins before, or you aren’t sure, you could watch this Andy’s Wild Adventures video from CBeebies, to tell you more about Emperor Penguins:  

What kind of things could Blue Penguin show them that he can do to show he is just like them?

Choose one of these things to draw.


Look at how Petr Horáček shares how Blue Penguin is feeling in the way he shows expression on his face and in his body in the spread from the book and on the front cover. How would Blue Penguin be feeling when he does this new activity? How can you show this in the way his face and body look? How will the other penguins look when they see Blue Penguin doing this?  
Think about how Petr Horáček show us what Antarctica is like in the way he has drawn the setting. You could include some of the setting in your own drawing to show the wider landscape around Blue Penguin and the other penguins. If you have coloured pencils, felt tips or crayons, you could think about how to use colour to bring the scene to life. 

Maths - White Rose activities session 2.

Follow the link below and select Day 2 - Snowflakes, snowflakes all around!

Phonics - 'ch' - video for today's learning is available on Tapestry


Challenge - Today's challenge is a physical one to get you moving! Join in with Andy's Wild Workout using the link below ... we know that it is the Arctic rather than the Antarctic, but it is a still a very cold land!

Have fun with your learning - remember to be a super Concentrating Crocodile!

Marvellous Monday Learning!

Home Learning Monday 11th January 2021

Zoom meeting (;00am - hope to see you there!



This week we are using the book Blue Penguin to support our learning.

Session 1 - Explore it - read the spread below and look carefully at the illustration.

What do you think is happening here? How do you think Blue Penguin is feeling? How do you know? What might be making him feel like this?  

Look at all the other penguins. Why do you think they are all staring at the blue penguin? What do you think they are thinking? Why do you think they are asking if Blue Penguin is a ‘real penguin’? Is this a friendly thing to do? How do you think this makes Blue Penguin feel? How do the other penguins look, compared to Blue Penguin? How might it feel to have them all crowded round you like this?  

Now look at where the story is set. How would you describe this place? What is the landscape and the weather like? Would you like to be there? Do you know where in the world this might be? Have you seen Emperor penguins before? Do you know where they live?  

If you have a map or a globe at home, use this to find Antarctica and talk about where it is in relation to where you are, and what it is like there.  


This week we are learning using White Rose maths activities. Please follow the link below and select Day 1

Today's activities involve counting using a snowman!

Phonics - we are hopefully sending you today's phonics video via Tapestry. Today's new digraph is 'sh'.



Your challenge for today is to draw a penguin. We know that you will be an expert, but if you need any help please follow the link below to follow the step-by-step instructions. 

Don't forget to post your learning on Tapestry.


Have a great day!

Home Learning - Friday 8th January

Well done everyone for your super learning yesterday, you have been doing some very careful counting and writing and have done very well with finding out penguin facts. This is our last day of home learning this week - I'm sure you will be a super Concentrating Crocodile!


Challenge - Yesterday we were finding out about penguins and discovered that some of them live in very cold lands. Today's challenge is to think about the clothes you would wear if you were visiting a country that was very hot or very cold.

        Either, find some clothes that you could wear when it is very hot and very cold and dress up in them -

        take photos and post them on Tapestry so we can try and guess if you are trying to keep warm or


        Or, draw a picture of the clothes that you could wear in hot weather and cold weather. Remember to

        think carefully about what you might need on your head and feet!



Sound out the words using your 'phoneme fingers' and write a label for each picture. What is similar about all of the words? Can you write pot, pet, pat?
Blend the sounds together to read these sentences. Watch out for those tricky words!

Read these tricky words. What do you notice about all of the words? Try writing each word 3 times - remember to use 'froggy fingers' and write your letters very carefully.

Well done!

Maths - Find your number cards 1-10 that you made. Muddle them up and turn them over in a pile so you can't see them. On your whiteboard, ask a grown up to help you make a table like the one below with 'bigger' and 'smaller' written on it.


Turn over the first card and read the number. Turn over the next card - is it a bigger or smaller number? Record on the table with a tally line. Turn over the next card - is it bigger or smaller? Keep going until you have turned over all of the cards. Count up your tally lines. How many times was the number bigger? How many times was it smaller?


Well done everyone for everything you have achieved in your first week of home learning. Have a lovely weekend and we will look forward to seeing you all again on Zoom next week!

Thursday's home learning - penguins, numberlines and phonics

It was so lovely to see so many of you on our zoom meeting - thank you!

It is also fantastic to see how creative you have been with your snowflakes and hear how hard you have been working at home on Tapestry - well done everyone! If you haven't seen the snowflake photos just scroll down below.


Home Learning Thursday 7th January

Today's challenge - Find our 3 facts about penguins (we will be learning a bit more about penguins next

             week!) Follow the link to watch a video about penguins and watch it really carefully. Tell your grown-

             up 3 (or more!) things you learn about penguins.

Phonics - We were hoping to upload this on Tapestry as a video, but think with very high demand today it is struggling with videos, so please instead look at the pictures below. We hope to have this problem sorted for next week!


Sound out the words using your 'phoneme fingers' and write a label for each picture. What do you notice about the letters in the three words? Can you write tan, van, ban?
Blend the sounds together to read these sentences. Look out for those tricky words! 
Read these tricky words. For an extra challenge have a careful look, then cover up the word and write it down. 

Maths - Find the number cards 1-10 that you made yesterday. You will also need some small objects to count - Lego bricks, pencils or pieces of pasta will be great!

           1.  Put the number cards in a number line. For extra challenge, try making your number line starting

                with 10 and working back to 1. For even more challenge, shuffle the cards and turn one over at a

                time - imagine where in the number line to place it and then turn over the next number ... you may

                need to adjust them a bit as you go!


           2.  Choose 3 number cards. Make sets of objects to go with the number cards. For extra challenge find

                out how many you have when you add 2 sets together. Can you say this as a number sentence, eg

                5 + 3 = 8? What about if you add all three sets together?


Well done!

Remember to have fun with your learning!

Have you been a Persevering Penguin, a Proud Peacock, A Go-For-It-Gorilla or a Concentrating Crocodile today?

Happy New Year!


Whilst this is not the beginning to the new year that we were expecting, we are very happy to welcome you all back to the new term, whether you will be joining us in school or remotely for home learning. 


For the rest of this week we will be posting a few learning activities and challenges on this page of the website, sending some videos to support phonics learning via Tapestry, and inviting you to join us for a daily Zoom catch up. We hope that by next week we will have all of our home learning up and running and posted for you to access on a daily basis, along with suggestions for additional learning opportunities and links for useful sites to visit. You should also shortly be delivered a pack through your letter box of resources to help with your learning at home - please let us know if they haven't arrived by the end of the week!


PLEASE use Tapestry to both access work, and also keep in touch by telling and showing us how you are getting on ... we look forward to hearing from you!


Home Learning - Wednesday 6th January

Challenge - to use careful cutting skills to make a snowflake.

                   You will need a piece of paper, something round to draw around (a small plate would be

                   perfect!), a pencil, a pair of scissors.

         We will demonstrate this challenge on our Zoom meeting, but here is a reminder of what to do:

         1.  Carefully draw around your circle shape on your paper - remember to hold the circle still!

         2.  Cut the circle out, keeping your thumb pointing up as you cut and being careful to cut on the line

         3.  Fold the circle in half then in half again (or into thirds if you can manage it!)

         4.  Using your scissors carefully snip shapes out for the folded edges of your shape

         5.  Open up your circle to see the snowflake pattern you have made

         6. Take a picture of your creation and post it on Tapestry!


Phonics - Using your phonics cards, practise saying them with an adult. Find the l, i and t. Practise writing

                these letters, writing a line of each and trying to get each letter the same size. Write the word lit.

                Well done!


Maths - Using some small pieces of paper or card, make some number cards, writing the digits 1-10 on

             them. Make sure you get your numbers round the right way! We are going to be using these cards

             in your learning in our maths sessions so keep them safe!


First day of home learning - we all made snowflakes

Happy Christmas everyone!

The Nativity!

We are always busy learning, creating and having fun!

Poppy Day 2020

Celebrating tree day - exploring trees in the sunshine!

We have been working really hard with our learning to become 'Concentrating Crocodiles'.

'Concentrating Crocodiles'

After just a couple of weeks in school, our environment is beginning to change and displays to reflect children's learning, activities and interests are evolving. As you are not able to visit our classroom at the moment we thought we would share some pictures with you.

England Classroom

A fantastic first week!

For up to date class information about what we are learning and important things to remember please click on this week's letter below.

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