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1. Explore it.

Look at the spread from the book below.

Who is this? How would you describe Bob’s character?

What kind of person do you think he is? Would you like to meet him?

What else do you notice? Where is he? What do you think he enjoys?

What does he do for a job? How would you describe his home?

Is there anything you find particularly interesting or unusual about it? Look really closely at everything. What does his home tell you about him? What experiences has he had? What stories could he tell you?

Picture 1

Now read the spread.

What more do you learn about Bob’s life from this?

Look at the front cover below and read the title.

Is this what you expected from looking at the picture? Why? Why not?

What do you notice? What is happening here? What is Bob doing?

What else do you notice?

Picture 1