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5. Create it.

You can tell a lot about Bob from his front room and the objects in it.


What does your bedroom look like? Do you have any special things that show other people what you are interested in or have experienced? Bob has a football. Do you have anything lying around that would give someone else clues about your favourite pastimes? Do you have photographs or objects that remind you of special times? What stories do they tell?


You can look at the way artists have created portraits of themselves or other people and provided clues as to the person in the picture’s life by the way they are dressed or adding special objects.

There are great examples to look at on the National Portrait Gallery website:


If you were to create a self-portrait, what would you include in the picture? What would you wear? What objects or decoration would you draw around you? Why? What would this say about you?

Create a self-portrait that gives the viewer clues to your life, your interests and your personality.