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Arrangements for New Reception Pupils

The staff and I are looking forward to continuing the learning journey of the new Reception children.


In order to prepare the children for the start of their Reception year we visit or call each child’s pre-school setting to discuss the children with their key workers - their interests, strengths and any concerns.  We arrange for both children and their parents to come for a 'play and stay' session so that they can see the school in action, spend further time with staff and start getting to know other new families.


Later in the year, we invite children and their carer in a for lunch in the dining hall and also an individual meeting with the class teacher.


Mr Valentine




Presentation for parents of children in the Reception Year

Friends of St Edmundsbury (Parent and Teacher Association - PTA)
As you and your son/daughter continue your learning journey with us at St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary, please strongly consider joining our successful Friends of St Edmundsbury Parent Group. They play an extremely important part in the running and development of our school.