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Home Learning 1.6.20


Well, that was a quick week! Or was it? It's quite hard to tell nowadays! I hope you had a good half term break. Not much has happened here at my house but we have been in the garden a lot. My children are forming plans to try and build the world's shortest zip wire between two trees in our garden. 


For this week's work, please follow the videos and activities from White Rose. Please don't feel you have to print off the sheets. If you are able to work with your child, then this may all be done verbally if that makes it easier. We also have a couple of writing tasks that I have written about below. I hope you have a good week, please carry on sending me examples of work and activities you have been getting up to. If you do have any problems or questions please email! 





English/Topic Work for W/C 1.6.20



This week we are combining our English and Topic work with a couple of writing tasks. We are carrying on with our look at space and we are going to focus on rocket launches. Did you see the SpaceX/NASA launch at the weekend? It was very exciting. As I write this, two astronauts are in their rocket flying to the International Space Station and are due to arrive there at around 3.30pm on Sunday.

We would like you to think about how you would feel if you were about to take off in a space shuttle. Maddox’s grandad explained how he felt in his video message, so do have a listen if you haven’t already. Below I’ve included a link to a space shuttle launch. Watch it carefully. Why do you think there are helicopters in the sky beforehand? Why are there crowds of people? Listen to the countdown and enjoy the space shuttle blasting off. It’s an amazing sight! For this work, please break it down over two days or sessions. In session 1, watch the video and create a word bank of different adjectives describing how you might be feeling. I know if it was me I would be feeling a lot of different emotions. I think the main one would be fear, but I would be very excited too! In session 2, watch the video again and then use your word bank to write as if you were the astronaut about to take off. Explain how you are feeling and why. Try to use the adjectives you’ve thought of and conjunctions like and or because to make your sentences nice and strong.

Here is the link to the space shuttle launch:

Our 2nd writing task is similar to the first one but gives you a chance to take your writing a little bit further. In 2012 a man called Felix Baumgartner broke the record for the longest freefall in history. To do this, he went up to the edge of space in a capsule lifted by a balloon and jumped back to Earth! Watch the video to see how high he gets! Do you remember in Maddox’s grandad’s video that he says he wanted to become a spaceman when he was a little boy? Felix Baumgartner was the same in that he had always dreamed of breaking skydiving records. For the task, watch the video of Felix Baumgartner in his capsule and making his jump. Then, using the word bank that you made for the shuttle launch, write about how you are feeling. You can also write about how the earth looks from space and how it feels to be living out your dreams! If you want to you can add how it feels to be falling back to Earth. At one point Mr Baumgartner is spinning around very quickly, what would that have been like? Look at the way he just steps out of the capsule and falls towards Earth. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to do it!

Here’s the link for the Felix Baumgartner video:

After this, we would like you to take a session to read your work and edit it. This is what we would call purple pen work at school. Can you make it better? Did you forget any capital letters? Can you think of a better adjective? Can you add a conjunction?

We can’t wait to read your amazing writing. Have fun with it!

Maths Videos and Worksheets for W/C 1.6.20

Below are all the videos and worksheets you will need for the week. On Friday, please have a look at the Bitesize Challenge. The first two questions are meant for years one and two, but feel free go as high as you want! 



St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary School Staff Video

A video to make our pupils and parents smile during partial school closure.

Looking to the Rainbow - St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary School

Exciting news!


I'm very excited to say that I have received a video for you from Maddox's grandad! Maddox's grandad answers your questions and gives us a real insight into life in space. It's very interesting and quite amazing. Maybe one day it will be YOU telling children about YOUR visits to space! 


The first 15 minutes of the video should play when you click the link. To watch the whole video you will need to download it using Dropbox. 


I hope everyone has a lovely half term holiday and a good break!



There is no set English or Maths work for this week but maybe you'd like to keep our Space theme going with some fun activities.



How about making some 'Space' Rock Cakes or make some biscuits in the shape of rockets or planets or even an astronaut. Here are some recipes and ideas. It would be great to see any baking you do, and hopefully all the adults in KS1 will have a go too.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Rocket Building


Now we know all about the moon landings and how Maddox's Grandad flew to space and lived in space, we know there are many different types of space vehicle. There are shuttles, lunar modules, space stations and rockets and many others. Maybe you could make one, you could make it out of junk, lego, k'nex, cake! It would be even more amazing if you could make a rocket that could launch, maybe you wouldn't want to make it out of cake, but below is an idea of how you could use a chemical reaction to launch a rocket.


Have fun with our half term challenges and we look forward to hearing/seeing/watching your biscuits and/or rockets.

Home Learning W/C 18th May


Hello Barn Owls! I hope you're all well and enjoying some sunshine. Having captured the family hamster and fixed my bike, it has been a quieter few days here. I did manage to go for a walk around Hardwick Heath this morning. It was beautiful. I have emailed Maddox's grandad with the questions and he emailed back to say that he thought they were great! Well done, Barn Owls. I can't wait to hear the answers. 


Thank you for your emails and work. You are working so hard and creating some amazing things. I have read incredible space reports, looked at fantastic self-portraits, read interesting letters and recounts, seen pictures of amazing forts and dens and been told about fantastic personal achievements like bike riding. It's been great hearing about everything you do at home. You're doing fantastically well!


In Maths this week, we are following White Rose. The lessons cover length for year 1 and recap multiplication for year 2. If there are any problems, please let me know. The videos can be found by clicking the links below and the work sheets are saved in zip files below as well. English is outlined below. There are also some activities on Education City as well! 


Have a great week, Barn Owls. Speak to you soon - Mr Suckling





We have reached the end of our two weeks on Man on the Moon (A day in the life of Bob). But we have noticed that the theme of space has really caught your attention and enthusiasm, as we eagerly await our questions being answered by Maddox's Grandad, a real life astronaut, we thought you may like to do some non-fiction work and find out more about space and the planets.


Once you've watched the story of Bob being read, you will find out that he has two friends, both astronauts, but they are the men on Saturn and Mars. What do you know about Saturn and Mars? Do you know about any other planets? Do any of the other planets have moons? Have any astronauts or space vehicles reached any of the other planets? What would you like to find out about space? 


As this is English work we would love it if you could share your knowledge with us through something written, like a poster, a leaflet, a space booklet, with a front cover and a blurb or a more formal piece of non-chronological writing. OR if you'd rather keep to the Man on the Moon idea, you could write a story for Man on Saturn (A day in the life of Sam) or Man on Mars (A day in the life of Billy) 


This is going to take some research, but I expect some of you already know an awful lot about space. We look forward to seeing your work.

TOPIC - Time Travellers 


Welcome to our topic - Time Travellers.


So far we have travelled to 1945 and the end of the Second World War, in Europe, and now we are travelling back to 1969.


Something very special happened in 1969 three astronauts travelled into space in a rocket and landed on the moon, 2 of those men were the first two people to walk on the moon. This was an amazing moment as no-one had ever done that before.  What can you find out about the moon landings in 1969. Can you find 5 facts that you can share with us, we don't mind how you share the facts maybe by a video, a poster, a short written list or drawings, wow us with your knowledge. If you already know about the astronauts maybe you could find out who or what was the fist thing that went to space? Or how many people have walked on the moon? Who was the last person to walk on the moon? Or how many British people have been into space? 


To help you out here are some videos and links.


Now you can find out what Bob does get up to on the moon!

Connor has made his bunting for VE Day!

Connor has made his bunting for VE Day!  1
Connor has made his bunting for VE Day!  2

Lewis used Lego to make a model of Rapuzel's Tower. Well done, Lewis!

Lewis used Lego to make a model of Rapuzel's Tower. Well done, Lewis!  1
Lewis used Lego to make a model of Rapuzel's Tower. Well done, Lewis!  2


This website is free at the moment. The oxford press are the company that created Biff, Chip and Kipper books among others, so this is a great resource. All the books are levelled and at your child's ability.

Mrs Wright reads 'King Baby' by Kate Beaton



Writing needs to have a purpose, so maybe writing a letter to me each week would be fun for you; or creating your own book; or as some of you are brilliant at knowing every fact ever about dinosaurs and animals make a poster about your favourite animal; or a power point; or even write a script and then record yourself and send it to could be a news reporter! 

Find something that you enjoy doing and I look forward to seeing any writing you would like to do over the next couple of weeks.


Save the Whale is a fun game helping children with their number bond knowledge.