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Wider Opening of School Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

Home Learning W/B 13.7.20


Hello Barn Owls! Well, it's the last week of term! What a strange year it has been. When we started back in September no one had any idea that we would be saying goodbye using emails and messages on the school website. 


This week we are looking at banquets. There is a Powerpoint looking at medieval banquets and we would like you to design a menu for a banquet you would love. Will you include food used in medieval times or do you prefer modern food? Perhaps you would like a mix? A pot noodle with a portion of peacock? Swan served with a Wagon Wheel? The choice is yours!


We have set up some meetings using the computer this week so I am hoping I will get to see you to say goodbye. I would like to say how much I have enjoyed teaching you this year, Barn Owls, and how sorry I am that our year together was cut short. You impressed me everyday with your ideas and work at school and you have impressed me with the fantastic things you have been up to during lockdown. I'll be in touch but have a good week and speak to you soon. 



ENGLISH/TOPIC w/b 13th July

You only have one more week of home learning left, so I think we need a celebration! We are going to have a medieval banquet, the perfect way to celebrate in a castle.

Use this power point to find out all you can about medieval banquets…

We would like you to create and design the menu for your very own banquet. What is your favourite food? What would you like to serve at your banquet? Would you have a giant plate of sausages with ketchup on the side? Would you like pizza? Would you serve a chocolate cake for pudding? It’s your banquet you can have any food you want! 

 If you’re really lucky and you ask your adults, you might even be able to make some of the food from your menu and have a mini banquet at home. Send us photos if you do!

Year 1 Maths Videos and Worksheets for W/C 13.07.20




Follow this link to find your maths. We are now on Week 12. This week you are learning about time. The worksheets are no longer free on the website, however, as we use and follow White Rose in school we already have a subscription so from now on you will find the worksheets on here (see documents below.) Please do still go to the website first as they still have the videos to help teach the maths concepts. 


Year 2 Maths w/b 13th July
PE/Sports Day Challenge! Wb 6th July & 13th July

So normally this time of year we would be taking part in Sports Day. As things are a bit different this year we thought we would bring sports day to you…

Here are some ideas for things you could do over the next 2 weeks. You can do as many of these sports day challenges as you want. Get your brothers and sisters or adults involved too! Don’t forget to ask your adults to take some action shots, we’d love to see your sports day at home. 

Science- continued to July

We are leaving these Wild challenges available in case you did not get the chance to complete them. 

 Click on the links below for the challenges.

 Please send us your wild pictures to show on the website.


Jackson's Knight School

Still image for this video

Exciting news!


I'm very excited to say that I have received a video for you from Maddox's grandad! Maddox's grandad answers your questions and gives us a real insight into life in space. It's very interesting and quite amazing. Maybe one day it will be YOU telling children about YOUR visits to space! 


The first 15 minutes of the video should play when you click the link. To watch the whole video you will need to download it using Dropbox. 


I hope everyone has a lovely half term holiday and a good break!

Looking to the Rainbow - St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary School

St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary School Staff Video

A video to make our pupils and parents smile during partial school closure.


This website is free at the moment. The oxford press are the company that created Biff, Chip and Kipper books among others, so this is a great resource. All the books are levelled and at your child's ability.

Mrs Wright reads 'King Baby' by Kate Beaton



Writing needs to have a purpose, so maybe writing a letter to me each week would be fun for you; or creating your own book; or as some of you are brilliant at knowing every fact ever about dinosaurs and animals make a poster about your favourite animal; or a power point; or even write a script and then record yourself and send it to could be a news reporter! 

Find something that you enjoy doing and I look forward to seeing any writing you would like to do over the next couple of weeks.


Save the Whale is a fun game helping children with their number bond knowledge.

Connor has made his bunting for VE Day!

Lewis used Lego to make a model of Rapuzel's Tower. Well done, Lewis!