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Collective Worship

Collective worship is a highly valued and set apart time in the school day and week, where the whole school community can gather together in a time that is honoring and worthy to God.


Collective worship is clearly based on the traditions of the Christian Church, however, it is also a shared activity that allows for a variety of responses, providing an opportunity for those of any religious faith or none to focus and reflect on stimuli which allow the human spirit to respond with integrity. 


Our school is committed to respect the religious communities, or non-religious backgrounds, from which pupils and staff come. We want our times of worship to be an oasis, a place of spiritual refreshment for all.


St Edmundsbury Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School's  acts of worship aim to:

  • explore the Christian faith with children and staff, especially to celebrate the C of E’s educational vision: Dignity, Community, Hope and Wisdom
  • give an opportunity, for those who wish, to worship God, and, for those who don’t, a clear opportunity to demonstrate respect for others
  • discover and celebrate key moments of the Christian calendar, and to enjoy and celebrate special moments of the lives of our school communities
  • help children to develop a sense of awe and wonder at the world around them, developing a spiritual dimension to their lives and personal relationships
  • strengthen and support the school community and celebrate the Christian belief that each unique individual member is made in the image of God
  • provide regular time and opportunity for reflection, enabling children to move from what is of immediate but passing concern to the broader and more lasting concerns of life
  • provide time and opportunity for thanksgiving and to enjoy the unity which derives from sharing friendship, acceptance, joys, hopes and fears, etc.
  • develop an awareness of and concern for the needs of others as well as personal needs
  • provide time to share with others the things they have been doing, their thoughts and ideas
  • help children to think about Christian values and how these might be shared and put into practice by all in school
  • give children experience of being active members of a caring community, who respond in a compassionate and civilised way to experiences of injustice, cruelty, exploitation, greed etc.

Rev Canon Phillip Banks Collective Worship

Today we were celebrating St Michael's Day

Canon Philip shared some amazing pictures of Angels with us, some of them were from the stained glass windows in the Cathedral. We talked about one picture in particular where children said that they could see God's Angels protecting Jesus. The children talked about areas in our lives where we want to 'stand up and be heard' to protect Earth. They come up with lots of ideas such as; Black Lives Matter, Protecting animal rights, Helping Refugees in Afghanistan and climate change. Canon Philip encouraged us to be like the angels and aspire to help protect the people and animals on the earth. 



The Shoebox Appeal

Still image for this video
Today in Collective Worship, we shared our whole school challenge of creating shoebox presents for children all over the world. We want to be compassionate friends who care about others all over the world. As a school, we are going to collect presents (ranging from hair brushes to yoyos and bouncy balls) and fill up as many shoeboxes as we can. If any children (in years 1-6) would like to help Mrs Lambert with filling up the boxes, please let her know!

Please bring in any items for the shoe boxes in the last week before the half term holidays (18th-22nd October) so that we can sort them ready to fill the boxes in November.

Oak Academy Assembly #1

The first Oak National Academy assembly from Principal Mr Hood focused on hope. Speakers include Secretary of State, Gavin Williamson and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

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