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Pupil Illness – What do I do next?


There have been many enquiries about what parents/carers should do about pupils with seasonal illnesses such as cold symptoms – runny nose, sore throat etc. Understandably, many parents have been concerned about the similarities between these symptoms and COVID 19 symptoms. As a result, families have been taking COVID 19 tests to check one way or the other.


As a school we follow the guidance provided by the government and particularly Public Health England; all of which are freely available on the internet.


However, ensure sure some degree of consistency around the decisions which need to be taken around seasonal illness’ such as colds, we have put together a guide. This has been created in partnership with one of our governors, who is a GP. This guide can be found below.


What to do if your child or other family members show signs of illness


My child has a TEMPERATURE of 37.8 or higher





What about other children in the family

Your child should NOT come to school and you should get your child a COVID test.

If the test is negative the child can return to school once the temperature is reduced to normal and also feels well.


Other children without a temperature should also STAY AT HOME until the results of the COVID test are known. 

My child has all/most of the symptoms of coronavirus i.e. fever 37.8C or above, dry persistent cough and loss of taste/smell. Covid test is negative.

You should assume your child has COVID and they should stay at home for 10 days from the onset of the symptoms.

Other family members in the same household should isolate for 14 days.

My child has a RUNNY NOSE/ mild cold like symptoms










What about other children in the family

It is unlikely that your child has COVID and they come to school. MONITOR their temperature and if it becomes raised, get a test. If the result is negative they can return to school once they feel well


If they have symptoms of a HEAVY COLD/FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS without raised temperature they should stay at home to prevent normal winter spread


Other children who feel well and show no cold like symptoms should come to school as normal



My child has a SORE THROAT







What about other children in the family

If your child is eating, drinking and generally well in themselves they should continue to come to school.

If they ache and you need to give Paracetamol they must stay at home. If a high temperature develops you should get a COVID test


Other children should come to school unless they have similar symptoms





Vomiting and Diarrhoea

Children should NOT come to school until 48Hrs AFTER the last episode.


If it is a new cough and PERSISTENT they should not come to school and get a test

Loss of taste or smell

If this is a NEW symptom they should not come to school and get a test

National Lockdown Restrictions - January 2021 onwards