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Summer 2, Week 1: 1st June


Welcome Back!

I hope you have all been healthy enough to enjoy some time outside. Or maybe you stayed at home with your family and had some nice video chats, listened to music, painted a picture, made something crafty or fixed something that was once broken.

This week, I fixed my doorbell! A battery inside it had leaked and made it unsafe to use, so I carefully pulled it apart, cleaned every part (including the screws and the chimes which make it go 'ding!'), reconstructed the circuit (something you learned about on Education City a few weeks ago), bought new batteries and put it all back together! I was able to use my knowledge of simple circuits that we learn in year 3-6 to restore my doorbell so that I didn't have to buy a new one! laugh

What have you fixed or mended lately?

Doorbell Circuit - restored!

Doorbell Circuit - restored! 1

Electrical circuits and symbols | Physics - Live Lessons

Farming Fortnight

All of Year 5 & 6 will be involved in a special two-week project called 'Farming Fortnight'. Considering that we eat three square meals a day (and a few snacks in between!) it is so important to know where our food comes from - from colourful fruits of the tropics (pineapples, bananas) to wheat and barley from local fields (especially in Suffolk!) you can find out all about the process from "farm to fork". As you learn and grow, you can then make informed choices about food that you consume (buy and eat) and think carefully about where it comes from, how healthy it is and how 'green' it may be (environmental impacts).


Please go to this link to learn about a new topic each day. If you will be attending school from next week, we will continue learning there and you can even plan ahead to bring materials in to complete one of the projects we have outlined for you below. 


The Year 5 & 6 teachers have created a list of ideas about how you might present your learning - but you can make up something else as well. There is no limit to how many tasks you do - do whatever you can with what materials and time you have access to.


For more information visit  (some information overlaps but there are extra videos on this site) or use the internet and books to find out your own information.

Farming Fortnight Year 5 & 6 Projects

Education City

Please continue to visit  for your weekly English, Maths, Science and Computing tasks. As it is half-term, there are also some games for you play against your friends!


Power of Reading

'Mama Miti' has been chosen for the next two weeks to link with our Farming Fortnight. Feel free to send in what you have learned or created to be shared further down this page!

Access WHITE ROSE Activities Here!

***There were recently some really important changes to the White Rose activities. You can now access questions and answers from this page. ***


You can still access video tutorials on the White Rose Maths website because activities will be on this page (or your class page, if you are just visiting). 


Always try your best after watching the videos. Answers are always provided too so that you can refer to them if you get really stuck or self-correct after you've finished the activity.


There are five new tasks each week, which usually includes some problem solving


Click here for Year 5 tutorial videos

Click here for Year 6 tutorial videos


Remember: It's okay to try a challenge that suits you. Go to another class page to download the Activities.

Go to Eagle/Hawk/Great Owls for Year 3 and 4 White Rose activities.

Click here for Year 3 tutorial videos

Click here for Year 4 tutorial videos

Looking to the Rainbow - St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary School

Home Learning Legends!

Home Learning Legends! 1 Emily's Creative Writing
Home Learning Legends! 2 Home baking: Check out Lily and her brothers!
Home Learning Legends! 3 Home Science: Lily the Scientist!
Home Learning Legends! 4 Rainbows for Hope
Home Learning Legends! 5 Emily's Rainbow Science Experiment

St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary School Staff Video

A video to make our pupils and parents smile during partial school closure.


This Oxford Owls website is free at the moment.

  Levelled reading books Read levelled books in the colour of your book band (from school) for free on your tablets or computers.

BBC iPlayer Bitesize Daily Lessons are here! 

Every day 20-minute episodes will be posted.

Click Here to choose from a range of topics from science and maths to history and geography!



BBC Live Lessons

Enjoy some interactive lessons and have a go at the activities in each clip.

Click Here for Live Lessons




  • Twinkl A great website full of resources and it is free this month

Times Tables

Please continue practising your times tables (i.e. time yourself and aiming to beat your time).

If you are working on specific times tables, try this website


You will now have received an email with a login for

as well as  (which includes Reading and Writing activities as well)


Prodigy Maths

Your parent would have received a Login and Password for this website. Play against your friends and collect prizes as you travel on an epic journey.