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Mathematics (up to 21st September 2018)


In mathematics, we have been aiming to have a deep understanding of number. We have used resources such as Dienes and place value counters. There has been a lot of discussion about the numbers, proving our thinking and solving problems.


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English (up to Friday 21st September 2018)

We have been reading a book called "The Tunnel" by Anthony Browne. We have studied the text and pictures carefully. We have been thinking about how to write more complex sentences. For example, instead of: I can see some trees; we would write: As I crawled out of the tunnel, I was surrounded by the canopy of rich green leaves that shaded most of the light.


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Time is flying by and we have been so busy. This page will show you some of the things that we have been doing and learning in Hawk Owls class.

EAGLE OWLS 2018-2019

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Friday 18th May


Everyone has been working really hard over the last few weeks and deserve a well earned rest! 

In English we have been looking at explanation texts and have been practicing extending our sentences using subordinate conjuctions. We have looked back at our writing from the beginning of year 3 and are super proud of how far we have come with our sentence structure. In the last week we will be writing an explanation text on how fossils are formed. 


In maths we have explored methods for multiplication and division. We have become more confident with using the short multiplication method and started to solve problems with our reasoning skills. Our focus has been on the 3 and 4 times table, we love super movers multiplication songs! 


We are currently looking at rocks and fossils! The homework has been super and have now made a great display outside our classroom. We have looked at the rock cycle, different types of rocks and volcanoes. We will be moving on to look at fossils and different soils. 

Eagle Owls have made some amazing volcanoes and we made them erupt!

Friday 23rd March



Alongside our Easter show, we have been looking at a range of play scripts. We have turned a chapter from the Twits into a play script and have enjoyed acting these out. After Easter we will be looking at discussion texts. 



This term we have been focusing on multiplication and division using the 3,4 and 8 times table. There are some really good games on Topmarks Next term we will start looking at formal methods of multiplication and will then move on to money. 


P.E - Please look on our sports page to see photos from the Sean Rose day and Fitness Fiesta 



Snow day! 

Here are a few pictures of our snow day at school and the snow creations we made! We also had a teacher snow man matching quiz - Have a go if you like and bring it in! 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Addition and subtraction methods

Friday 2nd February 


English - I cannot wait for everyone to read Eagle Owl's hot tasks this week! Their myths have been amazing! We are currently designing our front covers and will be able to take a copy of our myths home next week. 


Maths - We are becoming so much more confident with challenging addition and subtraction this week. We have moved from using place value counters to writing formal written methods. I have attached a copy of the calculation policy we follow if you would like to help your child at home! 


Topic - We have been investigating the mystery of Sutton Hoo this week. We looked at a range of secondary sources discovered in the Sutton Hoo burial and thought about what they were, what they were made of and who might have owned them. Don't forgot to come along to our Anglo Saxon museum on Friday 9th at 2:30! 


P.E - We have been playing hockey for a few weeks now and have a very exciting hockey tournament on Tuesday! Children need to bring in their P.E kit and if they have shin pads, please could they bring those in as well.  



Friday 26th January 


What a fantastic week we have had!


English - The children have created their own characters for their myths and using a range of descriptive language to describe them. It is so great to see children challenging themselves with their writing!


Maths - We have started to use written methods for addition and subtraction. We have been drawing place value grids to begin with to help us then moving on to using the formal written method. Children have really enjoyed the addition and subtraction games on Topmarks -



We have been exploring Anglo-Saxon Gods this week and wrote an information page for a class book! We have also experienced working in an Anglo-Saxon village and had a go at making looms, weaving and making pottery. It was very tricky but everyone displayed great perseverance! 



Friday 12th January 2018


What a busy week!


In English, we have been thinking about myths - especially the Anglo-Saxon myth of Beowulf.


In Maths, we are progressing well with addition and subtraction using the formal column method. Place value counters are helping us to understand carrying and exchanging.


The children have very much enjoyed starting Times Table Rock Stars. The progress has been outstanding.


Our Topic work has seen us concentrate on where and why the Anglo-Saxons came from in order to invade Britain.


We have started to put together an Anglo-Saxon dance and have been improving our close control dribbling skills in hockey.



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Emergency Services Carol Concert

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A massive well done to the children who took part in the ukulele performance at the Emergency Services Carol Concert!

Year 3 choir singing at the Cathedral

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Can you guess the metaphor from the clues?

Can you guess the metaphor from the clues? 1

Video of the week - English

Simile Girl and Metaphor Man are here to save the day! These heroes make learning your similes and metaphors as easy as pie. Similes and Metaphors By The Bazillions ©2013 All rights reserved. Similes and metaphors are similar but nothing more than a comparison in different ways.

Friday 1st December 2017


What a busy week!


In English, our poetry is making amazing progress. We have been looking at the poetic features of simile, metaphor and alliteration. We have also been putting these features into our own poem.

Maths, we have continued to use resources to convince and problem solve about different numbers.

Our Christingle service is taking shape - remember that parents are invited to the school hall at 2pm on Friday 15th December.

Friday 17th November


English - We have been exploring a range of poetry this week including haiku and acrostic poems. It has been great to see children reciting poems in front of the class, below there are some videos and photos to have a look at! Also we have loved watching Michael Rosen reciting some of his poems-


Maths - We have become a lot more confident with our place value this week and have been solving tricky problems! We have also been working hard with our times tables practice. These are some of our favourite -(3x) (4x)

(5x) (8x) 


Maths games links from this week

Block game -

Place value challenge -



New reading race challenge!

From next week, we are starting a new reading challenge in Eagle Owls. We want to encourage the children to engage in more depth with the books they are reading. Each child has a car on our reading track and after every book they finish reading, they need to complete a book review. Once the book review has been given in, they can move forward on the track. Each child will be rewarded once they have moved to a certain stage on our track. Any more questions, please feel free to come and ask!

Poem performances

Poem performances 1
Poem performances 2
Poem performances 3
Poem performances 4
Poem performances 5
Poem performances 6
Poem performances 7
Poem performances 8
Poem performances 9
Poem performances 10
Poem performances 11
Poem performances 12

Letter about the choir at the cathedral

It has been great to see everyone's dream car designs! Here are some pictures! 

It has been great to see everyone's dream car designs! Here are some pictures!  1
It has been great to see everyone's dream car designs! Here are some pictures!  2
It has been great to see everyone's dream car designs! Here are some pictures!  3
It has been great to see everyone's dream car designs! Here are some pictures!  4
It has been great to see everyone's dream car designs! Here are some pictures!  5
It has been great to see everyone's dream car designs! Here are some pictures!  6

Friday 3rd November 

Eagle Owls have had a fantastic week back after half term, it has been lovely to hear about the children's adventures. 


English - In english this week we have been exploring non-chronological reports. We have researched about different animals and then turned the information into non-chronological reports. 


Maths - We have been looking at the place value of numbers this week. We have been recognising the  1's, 10's and 100's in 3-digit and 4-digit numbers. We have been playing great place value games on topmark - this is one of our favourite games 


Topic- Our topic for the next few weeks is the history of cars! We started looking at cars from the 19th and 20th century and had lots of questions about what they look liked and how they might work. If anyone has any photographs of old or classic cars it would be great to have a look! 





Friday 13th October


DT day!

We have had a fantastic few days designing and making  wooden cars. We have learnt how to use hacksaws, how to sandpaper and glue our structures together. We even made electrical circuits to light up headlamps! Thank you to everyone who made a donation. 


English - We have been learning how to write instructions. After creating our cars, we completed our hot tasks which involved writing instructions.


Maths - This week we have been using our measuring skills whilst building our cars. We have also been practising our times tables, there are some great songs on Youtube to help learn these! 






Friday 22nd September


Science - This week the children have been drawing electrical circuits using the scientific symbols. We have also discussed how to be safe when around electricity, this was a useful website


English- We have been designing our dream cars and have written descriptions about them. Eagle owls have been working hard to develop their sentences and range of descriptive vocabulary. It would be great to play the adjective game at home! Choose an item or a photo and then children have 1 minute to come up with as many exciting adjectives as possible. 


Maths- We have been looking at adding and subtracting mentally this week, starting with 2-digit numbers and then moving onto 3-digit numbers. It would be good to practice this as much as possible at home! There are some good maths games to support this on topmarks -


Harvest festival - We have been learning our harvest rap to perform next week in church. I will attach the lyrics below, have some fun performing at home! If anyone would like to help us walk to church please let me know! 

Friday 15th September

What a fantastic start to year 3! We have been very busy this week settling in and finding our way around in Key Stage 2. 

Science- This week the children have loved creating their own electrical circuits and trying to light up bulbs. It would be great if children could explore the different electrical appliances at home! 


English- We have been reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and have explored a range of descriptive language to describe the car. We have been using exciting adjectives and verbs to help extend our writing. Next week we will be designing our own dream cars and writing about these. 


Maths- We have been looking at the place value of numbers and started to compare and order them. Remember the crocodile always eats the biggest number! 




Scientists exploring electrical circuits!

Tour of Britain!

Tour of Britain!  1
Tour of Britain!  2
Tour of Britain!  3