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Teacher: Mrs Clark and Mrs Borrett


Please find below some links that you might find useful for your home learning.

In addition, Hairy Phonics (which we love to play at school), has a free App that is downloadable from your app store.

Home Learning Tuesday 19th January 2021


Well done everyone for lots of fantastic thinking about George and Harris!  If you haven't seen them yet, you might like to start off today's learning by scrolling through the photos of Monday's learning on this webpage, and reading through everyone's comments on the Tapestry post of Oh No George!   It really is great to see all your opinions and it  feels as if we are having a class discussion, even though we are not at school. Did anyone  else feel hungry thinking about cake? 

You will be able to listen to the full story in storytime on Tapestry today.


English - Illustrate it

Look at the way George looks in each of the pictures. How can you tell when he is happy and excited? How do you know when he feels sad? Talk about how his face changes and how his eyes look each time. What does his body position tell you about how he is feeling? Can you pretend to be George in each scene and change your eyes, your face and your body to show you feel either happy or sad?

Draw pictures of George showing him looking happy and looking sad.


Maths - White Rose Alive in 5! week 1

We are representing numbers.  Click on the link and select session 2.



Phonics - today's digraph is 'ee'.  Please watch the video on Tapestry.



A physical challenge today -  join in with this cosmic yoga adventure where you will travel into the future to meet a robot dog!  

Home Learning - Monday 18th January 2021


Welcome to the start of a new week of home learning!  We hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed playing in the snow.

This week our learning will be based around the book, 'Oh No George' by Chris Haughton.  We were very impressed by your thoughtful comments about Blue Penguin last week and look forward to finding out  your ideas about this book.


English - Explore it and post your comments on Tapestry



Oh No, George! trailer

A book about a dog trying to be good. George the dog tries to be good when his owner is out with mixed success.

Read aloud these pages and look carefully at the pictures. What do you notice? What is happening?


George was really happy to see Harris when he came home. How do George’s feelings change? How can you tell? What is he thinking? Why is Harris cross? What has George done? What makes you think that?

Talk more about George and Harris. What is their relationship? Would you like to meet George and Harris? Why? Why not?

How would you describe each of the characters? Try not to just think about the way they look, think also about the way they behave.


Maths - White Rose Alive in 5!  week 1

Today we are learning about 1 less and singing counting songs.  Click on the link and select  session 1.

Phonics - today's digraph is 'ai'.  Please watch the video on Tapestry



Your challenge for today is to draw a puppy.  We will be doing more drawing tomorrow and this video will help you become an expert at drawing dogs!

Home Learning - Friday 15th January 2021

Everyone did such a great job with their learning yesterday - lots of very careful writing, great maps and amazing penguins - scroll down to see a fantastic Penguin Parade!

Today is the last day of our first full week of home learning - WELL DONE!

Please see below to see what we are learning about today - it is the last day of learning about our Blue Penguin, and we are also thinking about how we are so special. 

Enjoy a great day of learning and a good rest over the weekend.


English - Create it  

Think about what makes you the same and what makes you different to your friends and family. Talk about what kinds of things you have in common; perhaps you share similar features like eye or hair colour; perhaps you like to do the same things; perhaps you behave in similar ways?  
Now think about how you are different from other people. What makes you unique and special? What differences could you celebrate and enjoy about yourself?  

Draw a picture of yourself and talk to someone about what links you to your friends and family and what makes you special and unique. .

What would the world be like if everyone was exactly the same?

Maths - White Rose activities session 5

Follow the link below and select Day 5 - Special delivery - today we are delivering letters!

Phonics - We have introduced all of our new digraphs for this week. Have a go at practising all of your sounds using your sound cards, and reading your tricky words. At school on a Friday we play Hairy Phonics, so we thought it would be good to play some games today at home too.


Follow the link below to take you to Phonics Play and press start. 

Select Phase 3 and then set 7. Choose a digraph you know to play the game with.

If you are not quite ready for reading digraphs, select Phase 2 and then select a sound to play with.

Have fun!

Challenge - As it is Physical Friday, we have a physical challenge for you today to get you moving ... like a penguin! Click on the link below to enjoy some Cosmic Yoga.

Story time - Today's story on Tapestry is Elmer. This is one of our favourite characters, and will also help you to have another think about what makes us special, and how it is good to be both the same as and different from each other.

Don't forget you can also join Maria for live story time this afternoon on zoom!

Home Learning - Thursday 14th January 2021

Hello everyone. Well done for your super learning yesterday, I hope you found somewhere to put your water to see if you can turn it into ice ... maybe not in the oven! 

Today's learning is set out below - look forward to seeing how well you get on!


English - 4 Imagine it

Think about how sad or confused Blue Penguin might be after this and how you could help him feel good about what makes him different and special.

Write a kind note to share your thoughts - have a go at using the letters you can hear in the words. (note to parents - we are not expecting the words to be spelt correctly, just encourage your child to have a go).

Share this with someone in your family. Do they agree it will help Blue Penguin feel proud?  
You could also think about what you might want to say to the other penguins about how they could make Blue Penguin feel more welcome. What do you think they should do or say now?

Maths - White Rose activities session 4

Follow the link below and select Day 4 - Dashing through the snow - today we are drawing a map!

Phonics - 'ng' video is available on Tapestry


Challenge - Make a penguin! Look on tapestry to watch a video of Mrs Clark making a penguin, then have a go yourself!

 Have a lovely day and work hard everyone - we are looking forward to seeing your creations!

Wonderful Wednesday Learning

Home Learning - Wednesday 13th January 2021

Another busy day of learning at home - it is really great to hear that so many of you are enjoying the work that is being set, Well done everyone!

Today's work is set out below - don't forget our 9:00am zoom, and if you can make it story time with Maria in the afternoon.


English - 3. Talk about it

Have another think about Blue Penguin - it might help to take another look at the pictures from yesterday. 

Talk to your grown-up about these questions ...


Why do you think the other penguins asked if Blue Penguin was a real penguin?   

Was it kind to ask Blue Penguin if he was a real penguin?

What could the other penguins have said or done to be more welcoming?

Why does Blue Penguin feel like a penguin?

How is he the same as the others?

What make you the same as your family or friends?

What makes you different or special? 


Now go to Tapestry and listen to Blue Penguin story time where you can enjoy the whole story.

Maths - White Rose activities - session 3


Follow the link below and select day 3 - Wrap up warm!

As we looked at hot and warm clothes last week, for the activity draw a picture of you doing a summer activity and a winter activity.

Phonics -  th - video for today's learning is available on Tapestry 

Challenge - For today's challenge we are going to explore making some ice! Collect together some small pots or containers and carefully put some water in them. Think of some cold places to put them - you could try the fridge, the freezer and outside. Keep checking to see what happens throughout the day. What do you notice? Has it changed? I wonder why? What does it look and feel like? If you want to get creative you could try adding things to your water ... maybe something to change its colour, or a small object. Have fun!

Just for fun ... click on the link below and enjoy singing and dancing along!

Terrific Tuesday Learning

Home Learning - Tuesday 12th January 2021

Well done for your great learning yesterday everyone! 

It seem that Tapestry was really struggling yesterday - many appologise for not managing to get our Story-TIme video uploaded ... like many of you, we couldn't access this site without it crashing! Fingers crossed that they will have fixed their problems today.


Today's Learning:

English2. Illustrate it

Imagine how confused Blue penguin must be to be asked if he is a ‘real penguin’. He feels like a penguin. How might he show the others that he is a real penguin?

What do you think all penguins do?

How do they move?  

What do they sound like?


If you haven’t seen penguins before, or you aren’t sure, you could watch this Andy’s Wild Adventures video from CBeebies, to tell you more about Emperor Penguins:  

What kind of things could Blue Penguin show them that he can do to show he is just like them?

Choose one of these things to draw.


Look at how Petr Horáček shares how Blue Penguin is feeling in the way he shows expression on his face and in his body in the spread from the book and on the front cover. How would Blue Penguin be feeling when he does this new activity? How can you show this in the way his face and body look? How will the other penguins look when they see Blue Penguin doing this?  
Think about how Petr Horáček show us what Antarctica is like in the way he has drawn the setting. You could include some of the setting in your own drawing to show the wider landscape around Blue Penguin and the other penguins. If you have coloured pencils, felt tips or crayons, you could think about how to use colour to bring the scene to life. 

Maths - White Rose activities session 2.

Follow the link below and select Day 2 - Snowflakes, snowflakes all around!

Phonics - 'ch' - video for today's learning is available on Tapestry


Challenge - Today's challenge is a physical one to get you moving! Join in with Andy's Wild Workout using the link below ... we know that it is the Arctic rather than the Antarctic, but it is a still a very cold land!

Have fun with your learning - remember to be a super Concentrating Crocodile!

Marvellous Monday Learning!

Home Learning Monday 11th January 2021

Zoom meeting (;00am - hope to see you there!



This week we are using the book Blue Penguin to support our learning.

Session 1 - Explore it - read the spread below and look carefully at the illustration.

What do you think is happening here? How do you think Blue Penguin is feeling? How do you know? What might be making him feel like this?  

Look at all the other penguins. Why do you think they are all staring at the blue penguin? What do you think they are thinking? Why do you think they are asking if Blue Penguin is a ‘real penguin’? Is this a friendly thing to do? How do you think this makes Blue Penguin feel? How do the other penguins look, compared to Blue Penguin? How might it feel to have them all crowded round you like this?  

Now look at where the story is set. How would you describe this place? What is the landscape and the weather like? Would you like to be there? Do you know where in the world this might be? Have you seen Emperor penguins before? Do you know where they live?  

If you have a map or a globe at home, use this to find Antarctica and talk about where it is in relation to where you are, and what it is like there.  


This week we are learning using White Rose maths activities. Please follow the link below and select Day 1

Today's activities involve counting using a snowman!

Phonics - we are hopefully sending you today's phonics video via Tapestry. Today's new digraph is 'sh'.



Your challenge for today is to draw a penguin. We know that you will be an expert, but if you need any help please follow the link below to follow the step-by-step instructions. 

Don't forget to post your learning on Tapestry.


Have a great day!

Home Learning - Friday 8th January

Well done everyone for your super learning yesterday, you have been doing some very careful counting and writing and have done very well with finding out penguin facts. This is our last day of home learning this week - I'm sure you will be a super Concentrating Crocodile!


Challenge - Yesterday we were finding out about penguins and discovered that some of them live in very cold lands. Today's challenge is to think about the clothes you would wear if you were visiting a country that was very hot or very cold.

        Either, find some clothes that you could wear when it is very hot and very cold and dress up in them -

        take photos and post them on Tapestry so we can try and guess if you are trying to keep warm or


        Or, draw a picture of the clothes that you could wear in hot weather and cold weather. Remember to

        think carefully about what you might need on your head and feet!



Sound out the words using your 'phoneme fingers' and write a label for each picture. What is similar about all of the words? Can you write pot, pet, pat?
Blend the sounds together to read these sentences. Watch out for those tricky words!

Read these tricky words. What do you notice about all of the words? Try writing each word 3 times - remember to use 'froggy fingers' and write your letters very carefully.

Well done!

Maths - Find your number cards 1-10 that you made. Muddle them up and turn them over in a pile so you can't see them. On your whiteboard, ask a grown up to help you make a table like the one below with 'bigger' and 'smaller' written on it.


Turn over the first card and read the number. Turn over the next card - is it a bigger or smaller number? Record on the table with a tally line. Turn over the next card - is it bigger or smaller? Keep going until you have turned over all of the cards. Count up your tally lines. How many times was the number bigger? How many times was it smaller?


Well done everyone for everything you have achieved in your first week of home learning. Have a lovely weekend and we will look forward to seeing you all again on Zoom next week!

Thursday's home learning - penguins, numberlines and phonics

It was so lovely to see so many of you on our zoom meeting - thank you!

It is also fantastic to see how creative you have been with your snowflakes and hear how hard you have been working at home on Tapestry - well done everyone! If you haven't seen the snowflake photos just scroll down below.


Home Learning Thursday 7th January

Today's challenge - Find our 3 facts about penguins (we will be learning a bit more about penguins next

             week!) Follow the link to watch a video about penguins and watch it really carefully. Tell your grown-

             up 3 (or more!) things you learn about penguins.

Phonics - We were hoping to upload this on Tapestry as a video, but think with very high demand today it is struggling with videos, so please instead look at the pictures below. We hope to have this problem sorted for next week!


Sound out the words using your 'phoneme fingers' and write a label for each picture. What do you notice about the letters in the three words? Can you write tan, van, ban?
Blend the sounds together to read these sentences. Look out for those tricky words! 
Read these tricky words. For an extra challenge have a careful look, then cover up the word and write it down. 

Maths - Find the number cards 1-10 that you made yesterday. You will also need some small objects to count - Lego bricks, pencils or pieces of pasta will be great!

           1.  Put the number cards in a number line. For extra challenge, try making your number line starting

                with 10 and working back to 1. For even more challenge, shuffle the cards and turn one over at a

                time - imagine where in the number line to place it and then turn over the next number ... you may

                need to adjust them a bit as you go!


           2.  Choose 3 number cards. Make sets of objects to go with the number cards. For extra challenge find

                out how many you have when you add 2 sets together. Can you say this as a number sentence, eg

                5 + 3 = 8? What about if you add all three sets together?


Well done!

Remember to have fun with your learning!

Have you been a Persevering Penguin, a Proud Peacock, A Go-For-It-Gorilla or a Concentrating Crocodile today?

Happy New Year!


Whilst this is not the beginning to the new year that we were expecting, we are very happy to welcome you all back to the new term, whether you will be joining us in school or remotely for home learning. 


For the rest of this week we will be posting a few learning activities and challenges on this page of the website, sending some videos to support phonics learning via Tapestry, and inviting you to join us for a daily Zoom catch up. We hope that by next week we will have all of our home learning up and running and posted for you to access on a daily basis, along with suggestions for additional learning opportunities and links for useful sites to visit. You should also shortly be delivered a pack through your letter box of resources to help with your learning at home - please let us know if they haven't arrived by the end of the week!


PLEASE use Tapestry to both access work, and also keep in touch by telling and showing us how you are getting on ... we look forward to hearing from you!


Home Learning - Wednesday 6th January

Challenge - to use careful cutting skills to make a snowflake.

                   You will need a piece of paper, something round to draw around (a small plate would be

                   perfect!), a pencil, a pair of scissors.

         We will demonstrate this challenge on our Zoom meeting, but here is a reminder of what to do:

         1.  Carefully draw around your circle shape on your paper - remember to hold the circle still!

         2.  Cut the circle out, keeping your thumb pointing up as you cut and being careful to cut on the line

         3.  Fold the circle in half then in half again (or into thirds if you can manage it!)

         4.  Using your scissors carefully snip shapes out for the folded edges of your shape

         5.  Open up your circle to see the snowflake pattern you have made

         6. Take a picture of your creation and post it on Tapestry!


Phonics - Using your phonics cards, practise saying them with an adult. Find the l, i and t. Practise writing

                these letters, writing a line of each and trying to get each letter the same size. Write the word lit.

                Well done!


Maths - Using some small pieces of paper or card, make some number cards, writing the digits 1-10 on

             them. Make sure you get your numbers round the right way! We are going to be using these cards

             in your learning in our maths sessions so keep them safe!


First day of home learning - we all made snowflakes

Happy Christmas everyone!

The Nativity!

We are always busy learning, creating and having fun!

Poppy Day 2020

Celebrating tree day - exploring trees in the sunshine!

We have been working really hard with our learning to become 'Concentrating Crocodiles'.

'Concentrating Crocodiles'

After just a couple of weeks in school, our environment is beginning to change and displays to reflect children's learning, activities and interests are evolving. As you are not able to visit our classroom at the moment we thought we would share some pictures with you.

England Classroom

A fantastic first week!

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