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Geography Curriculum Intent


In Geography, children learn about places and environments in the world around them. They should be taught about:


  • Ways of finding out about places and environments
  • Environmental issues
  • Interpreting geographical information
  • How places and environments are affected by natural processes and human activities
  • The characteristics of natural features and processes
  • How people have organised their physical environment
  • The diversity of human activities – including economic, social, political and cultural
  • Similarities and differences between places and environments
  • How their own lives, and those of other people, are affected by geographical and environmental factors
  • How nations affect each other
  • Causes and effects
  • The use of maps, atlases and globes
  • The geography of the host country


The Knowledge, Skills and Understanding which children gain through their study of Geography can be regarded in terms of:


  • Enquiry
  • Places
  • Environmental change and development
  • Geographical features
  • Mapping
  • Communicating