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-Ireland Class- (Year 2)

Staff in Ireland Class


Teachers - Mrs Pelling (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday), Mrs Carmichael (Wednesday, Thursday)

Learning Support Assistants - Mrs Wright, Mrs Rigby

Important information - A change for Summer term


Outdoor PE in on Thursday. Indoor PE is on Friday. Please send your children to school in PE kit on those days.


Please make sure all of your child's uniform is named, we cannot return it to you if it is not named! Your child will need a named coat in school as the weather gets cooler and a named water bottle every day. 

Meet the Teacher presentation 22-23


Term Overview

In Maths we will be learning about place value, focusing on numbers 1-100. They will be  counting objects by making tens, looking at tens and ones, partitioning numbers, and writing numbers. We will then move on to addition and subtraction. We use base 10, number lines, bead strings and 10 frames. We often use challenge activities from Feel free to try out a challenge at home. Or use

Computing - creating algorithms for the Beebots

Science - sorting materials by their properties

Trip to WSC to learn about jobs!