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Key Stage 1

English and Mathematics Within Key Stage 1


Please click on the links below for additional information on our approach to teaching the National Curriculum core subjects of English and Mathematics in Key Stage 1.


Foundation Subjects Within Key Stage 1


Within the Key Stage 1 classes, we follow a two year cycle of projects combining many of the foundation subjects.


  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year A Harvest St Edmund The Giving Tree Rainforest Journeys Growing Up
Year B Carnival of the Animals Fire! Fire! Kassim and the Dragon (China) The Terracotta Army (China) Once Upon a Time The Ugly Bug Bal
Please click on the documents below to see how we cover the National Curriculum programmes of study through our projects.

'Discrete' Sessions.

Music, Computing, PE and RE run as discrete sessions within Key Stage 1


At St. Edmundsbury much of our music learning is supported by the Charanga Musical School, recommended by Suffolk County Music.  This online music scheme, covers a range of styles and genres and musically draws together listening/appraising, composing/improvising and performing skills in singing and instrument playing.

Children learn about the inter-related dimensions of pitch, tempo, dynamics, duration, timbre and texture, and how these are used in musical structures to create a musical picture, mood or effect. Through Charanga we have access to a large range of music from different countries and times, giving our children a good introduction to the History of Music from the Medieval era to today.


During our discrete sessions children access units on programming; computational thinking; creativity; computer networks; communication/collaboration; and productivity. Most of these units last for a half term, but this depends on the length of the half term. As with all of our curriculum, these are run on a two year programme.

We currently make use of the ‘Switched on Computing’ units.


PE is taught by both our class teachers and additional coaches. Class teachers make use of the Val Sabin PE programme, developing dance, gymnastics and athletics skills from year to year. Our external coaches also develop athletics skills as well as games.


RE learning in Key Stage 1 covers Christianity, Judaism and Islam through the headings of Leaders and Teachers; Stories and Books; Symbols and Artefacts; Believing; Belonging; Celebrations; and Prayer and Worship. it is taught each half term as 'RE Days', enabling the children to really build upon their learning over the course of those days.