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A video to make our pupils and parents smile during partial school closure.

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New ideas for Farming Fortnight added 2/6/20.

Summer Term Week beginning 1st June 2020

Dear Striped Owls' pupils and your families,


I do hope that you are continuing to keep safe and that you had a great half term.  Hopefully, you will be able to now enjoy meeting people in the park or garden.


I really missed not hearing from you this week, so I am looking forward to receiving your photographs/work/quizzes this week.   Remember, please feel free to email me with any questions, work or just to have a chat.


Today marks the beginning of 'Farming Fortnight'.  Recent events have really highlighted the importance of being able to get the produce we need, and so this topic is particularly relevant at this time.  You will find the links and activities below with regards this topic.


This week there are only a few activities on Education City - as you will see below.  As from next Monday, 8th June, we will be using the English activities from Oak Academy.  


Keep safe.

Best wishes


Miss Edwards


Details of work set for this week



This is the first week, of two, for the new 'Power of Reading' text.  The link below will take you to the two pages for the five activities linked to 'Mama Miti' by Donna Jo Napoli.  


As previously explained, as a school we follow the 'Power for Reading' scheme, and they have kindly produced Home Learning activities.  These are based on texts that we have previously used, or ones which we will using in the near future.


Also, see Education City - Mystery Diner.



Also, reading anything is great so pick up that magazine, comic or book that you haven't read and give it a go.  Reading aloud to an adult is really important; as is being questioned about the text after reading it.  Remember that you need to be about to answer literal questions, and those which require you to use inference.




Activities linked to the 'Power of Reading'.  Also, see topic section re 'Farming Fortnight'.


Remember, as previously stated, I think it would be a fantastic opportunity for you to write a diary.  This doesn't have to be every evening and it doesn't need to be a long entry.  However, as we have discussed previously in class, writing in a diary is a great way to really explain how you feel and this can certainly help your mental well-being.

Also, this period of time is totally unique and so,  if you keep a diary, you will be able to show the next generation what this time in history was really like.  Remember all of those conversations that we had about how we are living history!



I found an interesting document, with regards what grammar terminology children should know dependent upon year group.  I am leaving this document on for another week, for those who haven't previously accessed it.

See PDF document below.  







White Rose continues.  Please see below for the video links and all worksheets (and answers).

Please keep practising your times tables.

White Rose Week beginning 1st June 2020

Science experiments that you can do at home (Optional)

Science for week beginning 1/6/20 See Education City re Bug Hunt.


See Education City - Computational Thinking.

Farming Fortnight

Farming Fortnight 1

The web site below has daily very short films to play.  There are also powerpoints and parent/carers notes to go with each clip.  Please watch this week's films.


In addition, (optional) the site below under where does food come from (World Food) there are three suggested activities.


There are also get videos see:


And a recipe section!


Research project

Please chose an area of farming that interests you, from the films perhaps, and present information on that aspect of 'farm to fork'

You can present your work however you choose.  You could do a powerpoint, make a poster or use photographs.  I look forward to reading your projects.

Please see the attached document below (added 2/6/20) with lots of great ideas for your research project.

Farming Fortnight research ideas added 2/6/20 (Thank you Ms Dahmen)

National Strawberries and Cream Day! (Keeping these pictures on for another week as they are great)

National Strawberries and Cream Day! (Keeping these pictures on for another week as they are great) 1 What you found out.
National Strawberries and Cream Day! (Keeping these pictures on for another week as they are great) 2 Layla's fantastic facts about strawberries
National Strawberries and Cream Day! (Keeping these pictures on for another week as they are great) 3 Fynley making shortbread.
National Strawberries and Cream Day! (Keeping these pictures on for another week as they are great) 4 Strawberry, cream and shortbread.

Xanthe's super powerpoint on Strawberries.

Sylvie's quiz about Strawberries and the answers - how did you do?

Celebrating work sent in

Layla's recent work on whether books or television is best.

Hillary's work on fractions.

Martina and Armandas cooking in Forest School.  Martina learnt how to start the fire, well done.

Layla's amazing poem about Lockdown.

Layla's super French work.

Codi's cooking.

Myles' model of an Anglo-Saxon Village.

Sylvie's continuation of Last Wild.


Xanthe's powerpoint about the British Red Cross. She is raising money for them. Well done Xanthe.

Common Exception Words - statutory spellings