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Summer Term Week beginning 13th July 2020

Dear Striped Owls' pupils and your families,


I do hope that you are continuing to keep safe and that you had a great week.  I can't believe that this is the last week of term!   Hopefully, you will all be able to join Mrs Brinkley and I on Microsoft Teams on Tuesday, at 11.30 am, to say, "Goodbye." to everyone in Striped Owls. sad


Some of you will be seeing us again online on Thursday, at 11.30 am, when we welcome our new class - Kenya (Years 5 and 6) - Oh you lucky things! smiley


Yet again, I have received some truly amazing work this week and it has been a joy to look at - thank you.  I would like to thank you for all of your hard work during 'lockdown'.  I know that it hasn't been easy studying at home, but I have been very impressed with everything that you have done.


This week the Oakland Academy English is about Non-chronological reports.  The Maths lessons are on metric units, imperial units, converting units of time and timetables.


Once again, this week there are only three activities on Education City - as you will see below.  There are also details of English from Oak Academy and Maths from White Rose - just one choice of topic this week.  It is the last week for the Power of Reading text - this is optional work - as you might prefer to do this or do it in addition to Oak Academy.


Keep safe.


If I don't get to 'see' you this week then I wish you all a very happy and safe Summer Holiday and I look forward to seeing you all again in September.


Best wishes


Miss Edwards


Details of work set for this week 13th July 2020



This is the last week for the 'Power of Reading' text.  The link below will take you to the two pages for the five activities linked to   There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom.  (Remember this is optional).


As previously explained, as a school we follow the 'Power for Reading' scheme, and they have kindly produced Home Learning activities.  These are based on texts that we have previously used, or ones which we will using in the near future.


Also, see Education City - Robin Hood.

Paper copies of task and answers attached below, if you wish to use them.



Also, reading anything is great so pick up that magazine, comic or book that you haven't read and give it a go.  Reading aloud to an adult is really important; as is being questioned about the text after reading it.  Remember that you need to be about to answer literal questions, and those which require you to use inference.




Activities linked to the 'Power of Reading'.  Also, English lessons on non-chronological reports from Oak Academy.

You need to go to:

Click on English.  Scroll down to Non-Chronological Reports.  There you will find the four lessons for this week.  For each lesson there are quizzes and videos and activities.

Some children only have access to a mobile phone, so Ms Dahmen have copied all slides (can't do videos) and she has put them on word documents.  I am attaching these (see section below) for you all in case you wish to have a hard copy.  





White Rose continues.  Please see below for the video links and all worksheets (and answers).

This week the lessons are:  Metric units, imperial units, converting time units and timetables.

Please keep practising your times tables. 

link to shape videos below.



Science experiments that you can do at home (Optional)

Science for week beginning 13/7/20 See Education City re Lab Test.

Once again, I have added the activity sheet and answer sheet (as I download these for those without computer access).





See Education City week beginning 13/7/20 Smart City Software.

Information and sheets below if needed.

Celebrating work sent in

Sylvie's facts about Australia.  Very interesting - well done.


Xanthe's Oak Academy Story - An alternative ending of Red Riding Hood - super work.


Codi has been looking after his gorgeous new kitten named Milo.  He is so lovely Codi. 


Layla's fantastic poem about Plastic Pollution.


Xanthe's Rain Gauge - interesting findings.

Codi cooked cookies.  They look delicious!



Layla made Flapjack Bites - yummy!



Sylvie's art work from BBC Bitesize about 'Surrealism'.  This is a photograph of her work inspired by Rene Magritte.  Wow!




Last week's work see below.

Layla's Science experiment - Sugar Crystals - Looks brilliant Layla well done



Sylvie's Maths work on circles.

Layla's Flextangles.

Xanthe's wonderful work about The Galapagos Islands

Hillary's super work on missing angles.


Sylvie's outstanding leaflet about Black Lives Matter.  Wow!


Layla's work on angles.


Sylvie's work on The Line of Succession.

Xanthe's amazing origami - wow!


Sylvie's eye-witness account from the Power of Reading.  Suffragettes.  



Layla's Power of Reading work. Well done.

Common Exception Words - statutory spellings