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Termly Literacy Focus - Lower Key Stage 2

Year: A Autumn Spring Summer
Main Grammar Focus

Time connectives and

imperatives, different types

of sentence, sentence openers, similes, alliteration

Adverbial phrases, prepositions, punctuation and layout of direct speech Subordinate clauses, past and perfect present verbs
Fiction Text Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again Myths - Beowulf Stories that raise issues
Non-Fiction Instructions Discussion Explanations
Poetry Focus

'I Wish'

'If Only'

Viking 'Raps' N/A


Year: B Autumn Spring Summer


Grammar Focus

Simile, metaphors, personification

Question and exclamation marks, commas, apostrophes,

brackets. comparative and superlative adjectives

Fronted adverbials,

adverbial phrases, inverted commas, paragraphs

Fiction Text Little Red Riding Hood Traditional African Tales Historical stories
Non-Fiction Recount Persuasion Non-chronological reports
Poetry Focus Observation poetry Play on language N/A