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Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2

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Welcome back to St Edmundsbury for a very special year!

It's been fantastic to welcome the children back for the start of a new academic year.  They've settled into their new routines very well and it's been great to see lots of smiles and friendships rekindled.


We are very much looking forward to making lots of happy memories over the course of this last year of primary education!



The focus for English has been around the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.  This book is being used in classes from Reception to Year 6.  It was written to the author's son as a way of emphasising the basic ideas of what makes the world such a special and unique place and how we should cherish the world around us and celebrate our differences.

We will draw on the various different ideas to write letters and poetry, create pieces of artwork and generally learn to appreciate the place we call home.



We have begun work on place number and we will be moving onto calculations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We have covered skills such as rounding, the value of digits within numbers and negative numbers.

Calculations is always a tricky concept in that in many cases there are different methods for getting to the same answer.  Please support your child in refraining from showing them different methods which may confuse them and encourage them to work through the school-taught methods.  As ever, the single greatest help would be practising times tables and quick mental calculations (e.g. 23 + 16=).



Our first topic back has been Brainwave.  We are learning about how the brain functions, how different parts of the brain serve different purposes, about neuromyths, the effects of adrenaline and growth mindset.



Homework is set on Fridays and should be completed and returned by Wednesday the following week.  Homework will be stuck into homework books and marked as a whole class together.

If your child has found the homework tricky, please do sit and help them as there is no need for it to be independent.  

Spellings will be set on Fridays and tested on the following Friday.

Your child should be aiming to read daily and practise times tables and spellings five times weekly.

Super Sylvie!

Congratulations to Sylvie who completed a 20km challenge to raise money and awareness of coeliac disease.  Coeliac disease is a disease which causes the body to attack its own tissue if gluten is eaten.  Gluten is found a huge range of 'everyday' foods such as bread, pizza, cakes and biscuits.  It can cause a range of issues, but is very painful.

Sylvie ran for 5km, cycled for 12.5km and walked 2.5km, raising a whopping £390 for research and awareness.  WOW!