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Tudor History

What a jam-packed half term of History learning! For the last seven weeks we have learned about different events during the Tudor period as well as how the way of life differed from ours today. The topics we have covered are: the exciting Battle of Bosworth Field, during which Henry Tudor took the throne from Richard III; King Henry VIII, the fates of his six wives and trying to understand his need for a son; crime and punishments in Tudor times (due to there being no police force) which included execution, ducking stool, stocks and pillories, and bridles; William Shakespeare's life and achievements; and undesirable jobs for both children and adults.


The Tempest

In English read The Tempest by William Shakespeare, who was born during Tudor-ruled England. We have identified unfamiliar and obscure language, and used dictionaries and thesauruses to look up their meanings, using synonyms in new sentences to show our understanding of these new words.


In October, we watched a performance of the Tempest at West Suffolk College, by the Billimankhwe Arts theatre company. The play incorporated language from the Malawi culture and featured actors who had either originated from or visited the country to bring something different to the way the play was performed. At times it was moving, funny, a bit cheeky and always entertaining.


Watching the performance by a professional group has given us inspiration for our own acting that we have been doing with Annie from the Theatre Royal. We will have two more workshops and then will be performing at the Theatre Royal on November 15th. Tickets are still available for £6.50 at the site below.

IXL Skills

Autumn 1

The following areas on IXL will help you to practice skills used this half-term in class.


Sentence Structure A.7 - A.8

Nouns B.5, B.7

Pronouns - Various

Verbs - Various

Prefixes and Suffixes - Various

Reference Skills L.1 - L.3

Word relationship and usage M.1, M.2, M.8 & M.9

Figurative Language ALL



Place Value  A.1 - A.5

Addition and Subtraction ALL

Multiplication C.12 - C.18

Division ALL

Mixed Operations ALL

Autumn Homework

Please complete the times tables, spelling, English and Maths tasks each week in your blue Homework book. This will help consolidate learning from the previous week and/or prepare you for the skills needed in the following week. You can find each list of tasks below.

Year 6 SATs Dates


Monday 14th May - Thursday 17th May, 2018

Summer 1, Week 5

Year 5 and 6 Speling List