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English - Writing

For our last few weeks in Year 6, we will be studying hard to remember all of the End of Primary School requirements for writing including: using hyphens, dashes, colons, semi-colons, apostrophes, commas, brackets and commas; including speech in our stories to help advance action and show emotion; write with our best joined handwriting; describe settings, characters and the atmosphere of our story with expanded noun phrases and other interesting vocabulary; and spell words with complex phonemes and use word families or our knowledge of etymology (the history of the word) to help us.


Science - Electricity

Over the next half-term, we are analysing electrical appliances and the way voltage determines how loud or bright the appliance can go. We are using scientific symbols to draw simple circuits which demonstrates our understanding of the electrical route and components.




You have all studied so hard this year and showed off what you have learnt all through Primary School by completing the SATs to your best ability.


Up next: Writing! We will be doing lots of fun literacy and writing activities to show off our story-telling, punctuating and handwriting skills.


The following resources may help you.

Year 6 Writing Information

Year 5 and 6 Speling List

The Tempest Performance - Wednesday, 15th November 2017

Snow Day Music!

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On Friday 2 March, a few of us made the trek through the snow and enjoyed a fun day of art, music and creative activities. Here's a song Mottled Owls wrote (adapted from another song) and learned to play on ukulele and glockenspiel in 20 minutes! We had a lot of fun composing, practising and performing to all the classes in the school.