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Striped Owls

English - Writing

For the next few weeks we will be writing third person narratives based on an exciting and visually rich short CGI animation called The Alchemist's Letter. It is about a young man, named Veridian, who revisits his childhood home and finds a letter from his recently deceased father. The letter is wonderfully brought to life with a fantastical machine which produces a living memory of Veridian's father, resulting in a most valuable, everlasting product at the end.

To help us develop our vocabulary, we use Thesauruses, "Descriptosauruses" and visual stimuli which give us ideas and allow us to edit our own writing with up-levelled synonyms and more exciting phrasing.


English - Reading

We are developing our reading and comprehension skills, this year, using a range of suitable texts from the classics to more modern texts. Some skills include: finding vocabulary which gives certain meanings, making sensible guesses (inferences) using clues from the text, predicting what may happen next or what the characters might say to each other, comparing events or characters' actions and explaining why the author may have made a certain choice.


Maths - Place Value, the Operations

Early on in the year, in every year level, children are give the basic skills which form the foundations for other maths concepts and topics. This allows children to start with a firm understanding of number, value and mental/written methods of dividing, multiplying, adding and subtracting which are used in other areas, such as measurement, ratio, fractions and statistics.


Science - Light

Through research and experiments, we will be exploring the way light travels and how the eye processes images.


Topic - World War 2 (History)

Until Christmas, we are delving deeper into the causes and events of WWII. During the learning, we will use our research and reasoning skills to draw upon primary and secondary sources of evidence, read information and give our own viewpoints on the events and experiences had by others during this time, and do one day-trip to learn more about life during the war.

Common Exception Words - statutory spellings