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-France Class- (Year 2)


Teacher: Mrs Lambert

France class have had a very busy week! We have been working on writing instructions. 

We practised giving concise instructions by telling our partners how to make a jam sandwich. It was great fun! We then wrote up our instructions and read them to make sure that they made sense. We didn't want any messy sandwiches! 




Today, we read an extract from George's Marvellous Medicine and then designed our own potions. We made a potion as a class. We put some rather disgusting things in (using our imagination!) like dragon's blood and a witch's toenails! We wrote up our recipes for the potions as a set of instructions. 





Friday afternoon, we were really lucky to have a virtual zoom visit to Hollow Trees Farm. We learnt about the different plants and vegetables that are grown on the farm and we even got to see the new baby lamb! 

Afterwards, we made our own Wild Flower Seed Bombs to take home to plant in our gardens. 

What a lovely day! :) 


Meet the teacher Information presentation

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Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunny weather and a bit more freedom.

This half term our topic is going to be all about plants. We will be learning what plants need to grow. We will set up different experiments to see how well seeds grow in different conditions.

We have already made a grass head which is sitting on the windowsill basking in the sunlight! Hopefully they will end up looking like this in a few weeks.



At the end of our topic, we are really lucky to have a live zoom session with Hollow Trees Farm. They will be taking us on a tour where we will see some of the animals and plants that are on their farm. We will become tree detectives and try to identify the different types of trees based on their leaves. We are going to make Wild Flower Seed Bombs which the children can use in their gardens or in our school reflective garden.

What an exciting half term!

Thank you,

The KS1 Team


Hello! Welcome Back! laugh

We are so excited to have all of the children back in the classroom after a crazy half term! Thank you so much to all of the parents for their hard work with home schooling. 



Please do not send children in to school with large rucksacks. There isn't enough space in the classrooms and children keep tripping over them! The children do not need bags. They just need their reading book, lunch and water bottle. 


PE days- Our PE days are now Wednesday and Friday. 

Outdoor PE- Wednesday

Indoor PE- Friday 


Topic: We have been thinking about why objects are made out of certain materials and whether or not there could be any better alternatives. We have been looking at the properties of different materials and carrying out science investigations to determine what materials are best used for.



In English we are sharing a book called ‘The Jolly Postman’. If you have this book at home, please refrain from sharing it with your child until we have read the whole book at school. This is so that all of the children can be fully immersed in the book at school and are very excited whenever we turn the page! We will be practising writing letters. If your child wants to do any extra writing at home (and you can cope with one more ‘home schooling session!!’) perhaps they could write a letter to send to a friend or family member to send love during this difficult Lockdown time.


Maths: This half term we are working on Fractions. We have started by looking at the word 'equal' and have designed some pizzas which we have split in to equal parts. We have looked at the symbol for half- 1/2 and have been finding half of shapes, objects and numbers.  We will be looking at quarters and even thirds too before Easter. 



In RE we will be learning about the Easter Story. We will be looking at different symbols of Easter and talking about why items like Easter Eggs are linked to the story of Easter.






Hello and welcome to Spring Term!


I hope you all had a very happy and relaxing break.

My name is Mrs Crossley-Holland and I am the new Teacher of France Class. I spent a few days at the end of last term getting to know your children so as to ensure a smoother transition and I am really looking forward to teaching them all this following Term.

Please do come and say hello in the playground, I’d love to meet you! 


Mrs Crossley-Holland

MATHS - Spring term


In Maths this term we are kicking off with multiplication and division. We will begin with looking at equal groups and how to find a total and then unequal groups and arrays. We will be mainly focusing on our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 

If you would like to support this learning at home you could link this to real life, for example, animal legs (2+2=4), (There are 2 groups of 2 legs which is equal to 4), flowers in a vase etc. 



ENGLISH (w/b 4th January)


Stay tuned to find out what we will be reading next. 

Here is a clue....



We have now nearly finished all of phase 5, but have the tricky split digraphs to go. We will then be spending a few weeks revising all the phonemes and applying them when reading and spelling words., ready for the phonics screening at the end of the month. If you want to help your child with their phonemes please look at the websites below and support them with these digraphs/trigraphs -

ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, au, ue, wh, ph, aw, ew, oe, ey, a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e, e-e, ure, air, ear, er,




Just One Tree Day

Breaking News!

Something has visited our it the Lonely Beast? 

The Lonely Beast visit!

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Pupil response to 'Here we are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth' by Oliver Jeffers

Pupil response to a unit of work on the book 'Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth' at St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary Sc...

Endangered animals powerpoint

France class performing 'Look At The Train' by Kathy Henderson

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