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A video to make our pupils and parents smile during partial school closure.

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Hi Owlets,


We have decided in Early Years to join together in keeping you updated so that we can share news and learning ... just like we do at school!

Please click on the link for Little Owls for all new information and updates.


Thank you.

Hi Owlets, we hope that you are all okay and ready for some fun learning while you are at home.


Parents, we really do understand that it may be tricky for everyone at times while you are not at school, but it might be worth trying to establish some routines. At school we use a daily visual timetable which a series of pictures that show the children what we are doing throughout the day. For us this always includes learning times as well as snack and play times etc - you could maybe try this at home. Twinkl is a website that has many resources that teachers can use, and at the moment is free for you too. If you want to download a visual timetable, then visit their site and just search 'visual timetable for home'. They have a massive wealth of additional resources that you can also browse through if you wish. 


Below are a few ideas to get you started, and then we will hopefully be able to keep you updated with new challenges and top tips!



Keep practising your phonics! 

Make sure that you find your phonics and tricky words cards from you book bags and keep practising these every day. I wonder how quickly you can say them? Can you spot the digraphs when they are written in words? Can you write digraphs and tricky words - remember you can look at your cards to help you.


This website is really fun for playing phonics games that will really help with your learning - we have been learning phase 2 and 3 phonics at school. It is also free for all families at the moment, so if you can, why not sign up! 


Keep practising your maths!

There are so many opportunities to be counting throughout the day - you can have loads of fun with numbers! Maybe you could try counting how many peas on your spoon ... or on your plate! Counting steps, jumps, socks in the washing basket - any type of counting is good!

If we were at school we would be finding out about capacity at the moment, so maybe you could do this at home. All you will need is some containers (maybe empty bottles or yogurt pots etc) and some water ... the bath is ideal! Try finding out what happens when you pour water in and out of the containers - can you make them FULL, HALF FULL, EMPTY, OVERFLOWING? How can you prove which container is the biggest or smallest? Can you fill a container up to a line?


As we know you are going to be missing Numberblocks, maybe you could watch it on your TV or computer at home. It is on CBeebies daily at 7:00am and 1:15pm. Recent episodes are available through BBC iPlayer, and there are also many episodes to be found on youtube. Remember that you can watch these over and over again to support learning ... and they are great fun!



We will be in touch soon with further learning updates, but it would also be lovely to hear from you via Tapestry.


Keep well everybody - and keep washing your hands! 

Mrs Borrett reads Q Pootle 5 by Nick Butterworth