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Poland Class Meet the Teacher

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This video gives an overview of life in Poland Class! Please ask if you have any questions about anything to do with the school day.

Welcome to Poland Class! 

We are a mixed Year 3 and 4 class. Your teachers are Mrs Cooper (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) and Mrs Rutter (Wednesday and Thursday). Our HLTA is Mrs Revens and our LSAs are Mrs Battershall and Mrs Utting. 

Poland Class Autumn Term 2 Timetable

Our topic for the 2nd Half of the Autumn Term is....


Temples, Tombs and Treasures


This topic has an art and history focus. We will be looking at some ancient history and thinking about what came long, long before us. 

During the topic, we will see how we can learn from ancient artefacts and what they tell us about how people used to live around the world. 

The topic begins in the first week of the half term with our fantastic Ancient Egypt day, where our special guest invites us to live as Ancient Egyptians and study some of their ways of life....



Both of our Texts for Autumn 2 feature Africa, linking with our IPC Topic Temples, Tombs and Treasures (Ancient Egypt).  We will start with African Tales which includes beautifully illustrated Traditional Tales from eight African countries.




For the first two weeks we will learn about traditional tales and their features, we will explore the meaning of the tales in the book, we will practise writing in that style and conclude with an independently written African Tale of our own.  Our grammar focus will be fronted adverbials - an adverb or adverbial phrase which is at the start of a sentence (I updated the website earlier today. Earlier today, I updated the website).  It's a handy way to make sure that not all sentences start in the same way, and can be a good way to start a new paragraph.


In weeks three and four we will continue to analyse more stories, and use them as a basis for writing a newspaper report.  We will look at all of the features of a newspaper report (layout, headlines and sub-headings, pictures and captions, tenses, reported speech).  Our grammar focus will be expanded noun phrases, adding adjectives to nouns to give richer description (the limping, scraggy hyena).


Since both fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases use commas, this will be our punctuation focus.


'Pobble Writing' gives us the chance to practice independent writing skills each week by responding to a picture or photo in any way we wish, using our previous writing experience. We also use a variety of other short texts to help develop reading aloud and comprehension.



This half term's maths continues with more learning about addition and subtraction. We will learn how to use some formal written methods and then how to apply our calculation skills to solve some tricky maths problems too. Next, we will move on to learning all about multiplication and division and learn how to use our times tables knowledge to solve some more difficult calculations with some larger numbers. Get practicing on those tables as much as you can to help with our lessons. 

At St Edmundsbury, we use TT Rock Stars to practice times tables and this can be accessed at home with your username and password. Tables will be tested each week to see how you are all getting on and to help you to keep making progress with these. Children have been provided with their log-in details to bring home. Please let us know if you are having any problems accessing the site. 


Home Learning

- Try to read as much as you can (a little each day is best). You can read anything you like! Just remember to record it in your Homework Diary. You have been given log-in details for 'My-On' which is an online reading site where you can access hundreds of different books and quizzes to go with them.

- If children finish their reading book, they can log in to Accelerated Reader and search for the book they have read. There will be a short quiz for them to complete to show they have understood the text, before they are given a new book in school. Quizzes will be completed in school if you aren't able to access them online or if children finish their book during the school day. 

- Work on TT Rock Stars online or on the App to practise your tables.

- Practise your spellings as much as possible. These will be put on your class website page each week. Please let your teacher know if you need a paper copy to take home.


Other information

See the class timetable above for PE days and Forest School sessions. The timetable will be updated to show any changes so keep checking back regularly.

REMEMBER: You can come to school in your PE kit on your PE days. ​​​​​​

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