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A video to make our pupils and parents smile during partial school closure.

Looking to the Rainbow - St Edmundsbury CEVA Primary School

Home Learning week beginning 1st June

Home Learning - week beginning 1st June 2020

Hello Little Owls and Owlets. 

We hope that you and your families are all safe and well and have enjoyed a good half term holiday - hopefully you have been able to get outside and enjoy playing in the beautiful weather we have had.


We have been busy at school clearing and sorting our classrooms and outside areas in preparation for the wider opening of school, which is planned for JUNE 8th for some children. You should have received some information from Mr Valentine regarding this via email, and there is more to follow shortly - if you have not had this please email the school.


From June 8th, all Early Years staff will be in school full time. In order to manage planning for both home schooling and deliver class teaching, and to overcome some limitations we are now experiencing with Education City, we are adjusting our home learning arrangements. Whilst you will still be able to access Education City, we will not be using this as our main teaching tool, instead we are going to be using resources provided by Oak National Academy.


Oak National Academy is a an online resource supported by the Department of Education which has been set up to support schools and families with home learning, using teachers to deliver video lessons to children at home for each different year group. 


We are planning to ask you to follow the video lessons at home, whilst we teach lessons with parallel content at school. For some lessons you do need to collect some simple resources such as pencils, objects to count etc - you are directed during the video to pause and collect these items, or you may prefer to pre-watch the video and check that you have resources needed to hand!


We have decided to trial using Oak National Academy for our home learning this week so that we can iron out any glitches or difficulties. The website is free to use and you do not need to sign up or log-in. When visiting the website you will find that it is organised by subject and schedule, we are going to be using the schedule option for reception children.


Importantly, we are going to be accessing learning a week behind the schedule so that we can preview the learning, make recommendations to you and plan effectively for our learning in school, so for this week we will be following the work set for the schedule WEEK 5 - 18th May. As you will see, there is quite a lot of content and whilst you are very welcome to engage in all of the lessons, if you feel this is more than you can manage then please could you prioritise the lessons outlined below by using the days of the week buttons on the right hand side of the page and then selecting the individual lessons.



Tuesday - lesson 2

Jack and the Beanstalk

Wednesday - lesson 3

Story Map

Thursday - lesson 4

Story Writing


Tuesday - lesson 2

Exploring 1 more and 1 less

Wednesday - lesson 3

Investigating number combinations

Friday - lesson 5

Patterns and ordinal numbers


Monday - lesson 1


Tuesday - lesson 2


Thursday - lesson 3

Construct a vehicle


The link below will take you to the schedule page of Oak Learning Academy, you will just need to scroll down to get to Week 5 18th May.

Have fun with your learning and keep using tapestry to let us know how you get on!

If you have any difficulties, please email Mrs Borrett of Mrs Clark and we will do our best to sort out any problems.


Happy learning!

Home Learning week beginning 18th May

Home Learning week beginning 18th May

Hello everyone, we hope that you are all okay and have had a good week. We know that you have been very busy learning nursery rhymes, cooking, measuring, writing and sewing as we have had lots of lovely photos sent to us - it is always great to see what you have been up to. This week has been very busy in my house with people sewing, sawing, cooking, writing and playing games ... ice cube cricket was today's favourite! I think maybe this week we might have to do a bit of cleaning and tidying!

We are carrying on with our NO DINNER! story this week, and continuing with measuring in maths. We hope you have lots of fun with your challenges - they should help your whole family think about keeping fit and healthy!


Have a great week - this is our last week before a short break for half term ... keep going, you can do it!


Well done with your curly c handwriting. It is really tricky to keep remembering to start every letter at the top and curl it round the right way, but you are trying really hard! This week we have the last of the curly c set of letters - s,f,e. They might not look like a 'curly c', but they start with the same anticlockwise movement. If you would like a reminder about their formation please check out BBC Bitesize using the link below.

This week's CLPE English work is outlined on the link below, with a focus this week on food - yum yum! 
And for anyone who would like some extra work, there are some more ideas in session 3 that I accidentally planned without realising it was half term next week! Of course you don't have to do this but as we will be starting a new text after half term I thought you might want to take a look!


This week we are continuing with measuring, but this time focusing on using the correct language when measuring and comparing height. Please click on the link below to see your learning activities.


Our Challenges this week are all about being healthy. These short videos are really good to take a look at to help you with your understanding about why it is important to stay fit and healthy, and how we can do this.



1. Sorting fruit and vegetables. Ask a grown-up if they can help you find some fruit and vegetables to borrow - you could also use pictures if you have eaten them all! Talk about the difference between fruit and vegetables and when you might eat them, what they taste like etc. See if you can name all of the different ones that you can find and sort them into 2 sets, one for fruit, and one for the vegetables.


2. Play this fun exercise game with someone from your family. You will need a dice, or some small pieces of paper with numbers 1-6 if you don't have a dice, and some ideas for some safe exercised to do either in your house or garden - there are lots of ideas on the sheet below. 

           Choose the exercise - either from the sheet, or one of your own favourites!

           Roll the dice or pick a number to see how many times you have to do the exercise! If you are feeling

           super-fit, you could roll the dice twice and add the numbers together! Have fun!

3. Play a game of 'Being Healthy Charades'. Have a look at the pictures on the document below. Make sure

    you know what each picture is showing you, and why it is important to help you to keep healthy. 

    Take it in turns to act out one of the pictures to someone in your family and see if they can guess which one

     it is. Remember not to tell them until they have had a really good guess!

Have a great week with your learning, and remember to stay safe ... keep washing your hands and be careful in the sunshine!

Home Learning Week Beginning 11th May

Hello Little Owls and Owlets,

We hope that you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine when you could get outside. We have really enjoyed all of the pictures of your super home learning - well done everyone, it looks like you have had a lot of fun!

This week we are introducing a new story from CLPE, called No Dinner! We hope that you will enjoy it! Over the next couple of weeks we will also be thinking about keeping healthy and measuring. 

Keep up the great work you are doing and don't forget to share your news, pictures and videos with us - we are really looking forward to seeing what you are learning and creating at home this week.


Have fun and stay safe!


Well done with those curly c letters introduced last week. There are some new ones for you this week - d,g,q. Don't forget you still need to start at the top, just like a curly c, and then d is a tall letter, but g and q are descenders, so sit on the line and then hang below it. At school we talk about g curling under with a 'monkey tail'. Please follow the link below to check the correct formation.

Our new CLPE text is called No Dinner!

It is a traditional folktale told in India about an old woman who goes to visit her granddaughter. Our 'Explore' learning linked to this story is outlined in the link below.


For phonics this week there are new activities on Education City. Please keep practising your sound cards and tricky words too. Maybe you could try writing some tricky words in a sentence?


In maths this week we are learning about length; exploring how to compare the length of different items, use the correct language to talk about length and measure how long things are. The learning activities are described in the link below, and there is some supporting work on Education City. Have fun with your measuring!


1.   Retell your favourite fairytale. Retell your story to someone in your house - you could even video it and

      send it to us at school, or someone special to make them smile! You can use props, or pictures from a

      book if you like - have fun!

2.   Learn a new nursery rhyme. Get a parent or relative to teach you a new nursery rhyme. Practise it every

      day until you can say it off by heart.

3.   Play a number game of higher and lower. Use a pack of cards (or just pieces of paper with digits written

      on them if you don't have any playing cards.) Select some cards and give them a good shuffle. Turn over

      a card and read the digit. Guess if the next card will be a number that is higher or lower, then turn it over

      to reveal if you were right. For an extra challenge you could also find the total of the two cards. 

Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May

Hi Little Owls and Owlets.

It was so great to hear and see all the super learning that have been doing at home over the last week and we hope that you have enjoyed looking at some of the pictures that you shared with us - just scroll down a bit and take a look if you have not already done so. 


This week is the last week that our learning is based around the book 'Beware of the Crocodile'.- next week we will introduce a new story. Please remember to post your fantastic learning on Tapestry, or keep in touch by email, we really do look forward to hearing from you.


Have fun with your learning! 



Well done to everyone who did such a great job with your handwriting last week, especially those tricky k's! This week we are moving on the the 'curly c' letters. It is really important that you start at the top of the letter each time and write in an anti-clockwise direction. This week's letters are c,o and a, and you can watch a short video on how to write them correctly at BBC bitesize.


For your phonics work, see if you can write all your letters, digraphs and tricky words from memory - you could maybe try a few each day and keep practising with the ones that you find a bit tricky. Don't forget that you can find these on your phonics cards, your bookmark, and also on the page below. In addition, there are new phonics activities to play on Education City.

Reception Sounds and Tricky Words

Our 'Talk About It' learning based on Beware of the Crocodile is outlined below.

Beware of the Crocodile - Talk about it

You may also want to take a look at these short video clips about crocodiles.


In maths this week our learning is about 'sharing'. It is important to remember that when we share things into groups it must be fair, and each group should have an equal number. Please look at the work outlined below - if you need to make it more challenging you can easily use bigger numbers!


There are also some games to play that you can find on the internet this week instead of Education City. 

Top tip - with the first game, click on the speech bubble to move onto the next question, and in the second game make sure you put the bone on the dog's nose! Have fun!


               1.  Make a beware sign  - have a look at the English Learning for this week and then draw or make your own

                     Beware sign - it can be Beware Of The ... anything you like! You can make it funny if you want to!

               2   Make up a dance and perform it to someone in your family. Maybe you can teach it to them or film yourself

                    dancing - we would love to see a video!

               3   Play a memory game with someone in your house. Collect 10 objects, take a careful look and try to remember

                     what they all are. Cover them with a cloth (a tea-towel would be perfect) Get someone to secretly take 1 away

                    and then see if you can spot which one it was. You can take it in turns to play and see who is the best.


For anyone who is finding it a bit tricky having to explain why we are still all having to stay at home because of Coronavirus to their children, this episode of Get Well Soon on Cbeebies might help you out as it is one of the few things we have found that are pitched at the right level for young children.

Additional Learning

For anyone who is looking for additional learning to do at home, you might like to have a look at BBC Bitesize who are providing daily lessons. Unfortunately these are not aimed at Early Years, but some of the Year 1 programmes might be appropriate.

In addition you could also take a look at Oak National Academy which is also providing daily lessons - just follow the link below. Please do not feel that you have to do anything in addition to the leaning that we have set for you both on the website and Education City, this is just a pointer for anyone who has lots of time on their hands and is not already finding their own super learning to enjoy at home.

Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April

Hello Little Owls and Owlets,

We hope that you enjoyed your learning last week - it was lovely to receive so many photos. You all seem to have done very well with exploring what happens when you cut a shape in half, and there has been some very careful writing from lots of concentrating crocodiles! We are going to learn a little bit more about crocodiles this week and hopefully we will be able to post your amazing creations so that you can share them together.


Please see below for this week's learning tasks and challenges.



Well done to everyone who has been practising their handwriting. This week we are going to complete the 'one armed robot' letters and focus on p, b, h and k. These are a bit more tricky. Remember that p is a descender and so it sits on the line, but hangs below it. p, h and k are ascenders so they are tall letters, and k is really tricky because at school we write it with a 'kick and a flick' - I know Miss Maria will have to try really hard when she practices these!


Please remember to keep up with your phonics learning. There are new challenges to complete on Education City - remember you can repeat these as many times as you need to to become an expert!


Our thinking and responding work for Beware of the Crocodile can be seen below - we can't wait to see what you create!



You might also want to watch this short film on Youtube ...


This week we are continuing to develop our understanding of half and double. Here are some activities to try with a grown up at home.


Learn doubles to 10 ... and if you can beyond to 20. Practise saying double 1 is 2, double 2 is 4, double 3 is 6 etc. Use your fingers to help you, showing one finger on each hand and then bringing them together to see that it makes 2. If you master doubles, can you also say the halves?


Play a doubles game. Write out the numbers 1- 5 on small pieces of paper in one colour, and then their doubles on small bits of paper using a different colour pen. You should end up with 10 bits of paper 1,2,3,4,5 written in one colour and 2,4,6,8,10  in a second colour. Now all you have to do is match the number with it's double! You might try hiding the pieces of paper around the room or turning them over and playing doubles pairs. Of course you can extend this by making the doubles a bit more tricky! Good luck!




Here are this week's challenges for you to give a go ...


1.  Play a board game with a member of your family – if you don’t have one you can make a number track and find a

     dice, take it in turns to see who wins                          

2.  Write us a letter to tell us about something you have done at home, take a picture and send it to us using Tapestry or


3.  Choose a story book and see how many tricky words you can find in it – maybe you could write them in a list



Home Learning week beginning 20th April

Home Learning - Week beginning 20th April

Hello Little Owls and Owlets.

We hope that you have had a safe and happy Easter and enjoyed some chocolate - the Easter Bunny managed to deliver to my house! 

It is very strange to be starting the Summer Term at home, and it is going to be a bit tricky to get back into the swing of home learning again after a bit of a break from it over the last couple of weeks, but we are sure you are raring to go!


Please see below for this week's learning tasks and challenges. Please also remember to visit Education City where there are further activities to complete. Remember to keep in touch - if you are not using Tapestry please do log in to read messages form us and share what you have being busy enjoying at home.



We hope that you are now all experts at writing the 'long ladder letters' that we asked you to practise before Easter. This week's handwriting is to master some 'One Armed Robot' letters ... r,n,m. Remember to start each letter at the top and to try to get them to sit on the line - you are doing even better if you can get them all the same size! Please check out the video at BBC Bitesize to check on the correct formation.


At school many children would be moving onto learning 'Phase 4' phonics this half term. If you are using activities from Phonics Play (or similar) and your child is confidently recognising, reading and writing the digraphs from their phonics pack, then try giving Phase 4 activities a go. The activities your child has been set on Education City are matched to the level they are currently working at.


Over the next few weeks we are going to be sharing some activities linked to a fantastic book called 'Beware of the Crocodile'. This is a great non-fiction book about crocodiles, so hopefully we will all soon become experts! This week's learning activities are detailed below.




Over the next couple of weeks our maths learning will focus on understanding 'half' and 'double'. It is really important for the children to understand that half means taking a whole shape or quantity and splitting it into 2 parts that are equal in size or number. Double means to take an object or quantity and add to it the same again.

Try this activity together - challenge your child to collect a selection of objects, maybe 4 pencils, 6 spoons and 8 toys. With each set of objects separate them into 2 groups to find out what half of the number is. Of course you can make this more challenging by making the number of objects bigger! Are there any numbers that you can't split in half? I wonder why?




Here are this week's challenges for you to give a go ...


     1. Carefully draw around an object to make a shape - maybe a tin or a box. Carefully cut your shape

         out, remembering to try and keep on the lines! Fold the shape in half ... be careful to make sure that

         you get both sides of your shape exactly the same size. Cut your shape in half. What shapes have

         you got now? I wonder if you can make any different shapes?


     2. Write a message to someone in your family. Remember to think really carefully about the sounds you

         need to use, and make sure you use your very best handwriting!


    3. Learn to tie a knot! You will need a piece of string, wool, a shoelace or similar. You might also need a

        grown-up to help show you how ... be a persevering penguin and give it a go!



Home Learning


EASTER HOLIDAYS - 6th April - 20th April


We are not setting any work over the next two weeks as it is time for everyone to have an Easter break. However, we know some of you are really enjoying the home learning and we all need to keep busy, so there are some helpful hints below to keep you entertained if you want to give them a go.



Why not play a maths based game. Do you have a dice based board game where you have to move round a track - be careful to count carefully! If you have a pack of cards, we often play a game at school where we have to guess if the next card turned over going to be a bigger or smaller number - give it a go!



Share some books together, enjoy looking really carefully at the pictures and talking about what is happening, and what might happen next. If you want to listen to some stories online, you can find lots at this site.. 



If the Easter Bunny pays you a visit over the holiday, maybe you could write a letter to say thank you!



Thank you so much for keeping in touch using Tapestry and email - it has been so lovely to hear from you all and see what great learning you are doing at home - grown-up's, you really are doing a fantastic job of being so supportive and inventive in your work and your play - THANK YOU!


Keep staying safe at home and enjoy some Easter fun!

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

Read by Mrs Clark

Mrs Borrett reads Q Pootle 5 by Nick Butterworth

Ms Brien reads 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt' by Laura Hughes

Home Learning


Week 2

Monday 30th March


Hello Little Owls and Owlets,

It has been very strange not being at school with you all last week, but good to hear from so many of you and see that you have been busy learning and having fun.


Home Learning for this week ... 



This week we are focusing on shape. Please have a re-cap with your child about flat shapes (2D) and solid shapes (3D). Name the different shapes and also talk about their properties - how many sides and corners they have, the shape and number of faces on solid shapes. 


Supported learning activity - Go on a flat shape hunt around your house. What shapes can you find? Maybe you could record how many squares, triangles, circles etc you can using a simple tally mark next to a drawing of each shape? What shape did you find the most of? Were there any shapes you couldn't find?

Have a look in your cupboard - can you find any interesting solid shapes? How may cylinders can you see? Are there any cuboids? Can you think of anything in your house that is the same shape as a sphere?


In addition new shape related activities have been added to Education City.



Writing - practise writing letters l,t,u,y,i,j, using correct formation - this is demonstrated at BBC Bitesize, long ladder letters

Try to keep all the letters the same size. If you can manage this then the next challenge is to position them carefully sitting on a line, with y and j hanging below the line.


Reading - together make a tricky word egg hunt. Cut some eggs shapes out of paper and carefully write one of your tricky words on each egg. Hide the eggs around the room and then see how quickly you can find them, reading each word as you find them. You could also make 2 sets of eggs and use them to play a pairs game together.


Phonics - keep reading and writing the sounds you are learning as often as you can. New phonics based activities have been added to Education City.


Challenges for this week

1.   Make a square, rectangle and triangle on the floor using anything you can find - pencils, strips

      of paper, Lego blocks etc. Can you find something to make a circle with? Check you have the

      right number of sides and corners! Can you challenge yourself to make any other shapes?


2.   Make an Easter picture or decoration to put up in your house - maybe it will be a beautiful

     patterned egg or an Easter bunny? If you can, take a picture of it and send it to us by email or

     tapestry and we will share them on this website.


3. Practise cutting up your own food using a knife and fork ... you CAN do it!


Have fun, remember to be good and keep yourselves safe and well.


White Rose Maths is a 'maths hub' that we use at school to support our learning. It has lots of excellent resources and ideas and it has currently opened up a free home learning service where it is publishing 5 maths lessons a week, complete with video. Please do take a look and if you can, give it a go. Every year group is available, so feel free to browse!




Education City Update

Well done to everyone who has logged in to Education City - you should find there is work now on there for you  - if not please email Mrs Clark or Mrs Borrett. If you have not received your log in details please contact using the office email and they will sort it out for you. Thank you.



Tuesday 24th March


Hi Little Owls and Owlets, 

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.


At school we organise our learning into 3 different blocks, and we thought it might be an idea that could work for you too.

                      1. Must do job - this supported learning that has to be done! For you this might be reading,

                          phonics, maths etc that we suggest on the website, or doing some work form Education

                          City. It could also be anything you are inspired to learn within your family - the internet is 

                          full of ideas!

                      2. Independent work  - this is work that children do on their own. For you at home this could

                          maybe be some drawing, making or completing a puzzle etc - something that children can

                          achieve on their own without needing adult help.

                       3 Challenges - we have challenges every week for the children to complete, and we will

                          continue with this whilst you are learning at home by posting them on the website -

                          please join in with them if you can!


Challenges for this week ...


        1.  Make a rainbow - all over the country children are creating a rainbow to put in their window, so we thought you might be able to have a go at this too. Mrs Clark has been busy sewing one, and Mrs Fisher is going to chalk one outside. It would be lovely to see what you get up to!


         2. Do something helpful every day! Maybe you could help in the kitchen or tidy your bedroom?


         3. Log on to Education City and play a phonics game. We will also be sending work though this

             platform very shortly.




Tapestry is still up and running and it is a really lovely way for us to communicate. Please upload pictures and comments if you can and we will try to do the same.It has been lovely to see what some of you have been already busy enjoying at home!


Some more really useful website links for you to check out ...

Epic Books - this has thousands of books available online at every level, including many non fiction books. The good news is that it currently has a 30 day free trial.   

Oxford Owl For Home - this has a wealth of advice, games and e-books for you to explore.

Joe Wicks PE - daily PE session live streamed at 9:00am. The children and staff who are currently at school are taking part in this every day, and we have all been doing it too - Mrs Lamb did her's in her pyjamas this morning with her son, and Mrs Clark nearly knocked the lampshade down in her lounge! Why not give it a go!


Finally, we believe that you have been sent our e-mail email addresses so that you can contact us directly if you need or want to with any questions, requests or just to keep in touch - please feel free to use these.







Hi Little Owls, we hope that you are all okay and ready for some fun learning while you are at home.


Parents, we really do understand that it may be tricky for everyone at times while you are not at school, but it might be worth trying to establish some routines. At school we use a daily visual timetable which a series of pictures that show the children what we are doing throughout the day. For us this always includes learning times as well as snack and play times etc - you could maybe try this at home. Twinkl is a website that has many resources that teachers can use, and at the moment is free for you too. If you want to download a visual timetable, then visit their site and just search 'visual timetable for home'. They have a massive wealth of additional resources that you can also browse through if you wish. 


Below are a few ideas to get you started, and then we will hopefully be able to keep you updated with new challenges and top tips!



Keep practising your phonics! 

Make sure that you find your phonics and tricky words cards from you book bags and keep practising these every day. I wonder how quickly you can say them? Can you spot the digraphs when they are written in words? Can you write digraphs and tricky words - remember you can look at your cards to help you.


This website is really fun for playing phonics games that will really help with your learning - we have been learning phase 2 and 3 phonics at school. It is also free for all families at the moment, so if you can, why not sign up! 


Keep practising your maths!

There are so many opportunities to be counting throughout the day - you can have loads of fun with numbers! Maybe you could try counting how many peas on your spoon ... or on your plate! Counting steps, jumps, socks in the washing basket - any type of counting is good!

If we were at school we would be finding out about capacity at the moment, so maybe you could do this at home. All you will need is some containers (maybe empty bottles or yogurt pots etc) and some water ... the bath is ideal! Try finding out what happens when you pour water in and out of the containers - can you make them FULL, HALF FULL, EMPTY, OVERFLOWING? How can you prove which container is the biggest or smallest? Can you fill a container up to a line?


As we know you are going to be missing Numberblocks, maybe you could watch it on your TV or computer at home. It is on CBeebies daily at 7:00am and 1:15pm. Recent episodes are available through BBC iPlayer, and there are also many episodes to be found on youtube. Remember that you can watch these over and over again to support learning ... and they are great fun!



We will be in touch soon with further learning updates, but it would also be lovely to hear from you via Tapestry.


Keep well everybody - and keep washing your hands!