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-Spain Class- (Year 3)

Welcome to Spain Class.

Your teachers are Miss McMurray (Mon-Thu) and Miss Shore (Fri) and we are supported by our LSA Mrs Fountain.



The whole school is using the book 'Here We Are' to explore how special our planet earth is, and how we should value it, and each other.  We will be revising all of the 'basics' - punctuation, sentences, what nouns, verbs, adjectives are and using conjunctions (and then so but because) to write longer sentences.  We will also complete a weekly reading comprehension lesson, learning the reading skills required for understanding.  These include answering retrieval and inference questions, being able to compare with other books, or with our own experience, being able to comment on word and grammar choices and summarising what we have read.



The first topic is place value where we explore the relationship between digit and place which gives us number e.g. the 2 in 102 is worth 2 ones, and in 120 is worth 2 tens, and in 210 is worth 2 hundreds.  We can use this knowledge to compare and order numbers up to 1000.


We then move onto addition and subtraction of 3 digit numbers, using mental methods then written ones.



Our first topic is 'Brainwave - The Art and Science of Learning'.

We will be learning about the way we learn, different strategies for learning and the way our brains work.


Reading Books and Homework Diaries

These should be brought into school every day as we try to read at least for a few minutes each day.  We would encourage you to date and put a short comment every time you read with your child at home so we have an indication of how much home reading they are doing.  If your child needs to change their book there is a box in front of Miss McMurray's desk which they can pop it into, and at some point during the day we will swap the book.  Covid restrictions mean that the children cannot go and choose their own.  Our records should prevent the children being given a book they had before (since they have been in this class), but if we slip up the children can just let us know and we can swap!  We will be assessing all of the children over the coming weeks to make sure they are on the correct level.



A spelling list with 10 words will be stapled into the Homework Diary on Thurs or Friday each week.  The test is on the following Thursday.  The spellings for upcoming tests are below.


Times Tables

We will write which times table your child should be working on in their Homework Diary next week.  Please help them practise - they will take National Tests in Y4 to assess their competence and this really is an easy one to pass with flying colours if they are working on this throughout Y3. At this stage they should all be secure on 2, 5, 10 and be nearly there with 3 and 4.  The next sets are 6 and 8, then finally 7, 9, 11 and 12.  Our weekly test is on a Wed.  A selection of times table resources are below and we would recommend this website as a fun way to practise.