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We hope you all had a lovely break. The children have come back ready and eager to learn and start our new term.

Brief outline of this half term:

Maths; we will be working on addition and subtraction and becoming really secure in our understanding. We will be using many different strategies to support our understanding.

English; for the first three weeks we will be reading the Gruffalo, culminating in writing our own version with our own monster.

Science; trees, identifying the difference between deciduous and evergreen and naming and recognising British trees.

Geography; creating simple maps, using keys and symbols.




Father Christmas

Father Christmas 1
Father Christmas 2
Father Christmas 3
Father Christmas 4
Father Christmas 5
Father Christmas 6
Father Christmas 7
Father Christmas 8
Father Christmas 9
Father Christmas 10
Father Christmas 11
Father Christmas 12
Father Christmas 13
Father Christmas 14
Father Christmas 15
Father Christmas 16
Father Christmas 17
Father Christmas 18
Father Christmas 19
Father Christmas 20
Father Christmas 21
Father Christmas 22
Father Christmas 23
Father Christmas 24
Father Christmas 25
We loved having Father Christmas visit our class. The children enjoyed reading the books he gave them as presents and sharing them with each other. 


Snowy Owls have had a busy couple of weeks. 

This last week we have completed our termly tests. All of the children worked incredibly hard and showed great perseverance, courage and resilience whilst taking part in the tests. Well done.


We are continuing to think about place value in Maths and we will be spending some time counting in 2's, 5's, 10's and 3's. Practising these will be great to support your child in our up coming maths lessons.


We have also had fun making Viking shields and Viking long boats. We have been thinking about St. Edmund and the children are brilliant at retelling the story. So, we have spent some time thinking about the invaders in the story, the Vikings. We know where the Vikings came from and the journey they took, we know what their shields may have looked like and designed and made our own. And we spent a very fun morning thinking, how do we get things to float when at first they sink? Molly Middleton was the first to make her lump of plasticine float. Well done!



Please continue to support your child in learning their lines for the play and costumes need to be in this week please.






Making plasticine float!! It’s much harder than you think!!!



Half term seems quite a long time ago now, especially with all the hard work that has been happening in Snowy Owls.

Some of the things that we have been doing are:

  • We have read and written our own firework sense poems.
  • We have begun our new topic on St. Edmund.
  • We have begun to learn our Christmas nativity songs.
  • We have been given our parts in the Nativity, 'Lights, Camel, Action!' All children should have brought home a letter today with their part on. Please bring in costumes by Monday 27th December. If you have any problems with sourcing costumes we can help.
  • We have started to learn our maths in a new way with lots more problem solving and using reasoning to explain our answers and solutions. 


Over the past two weeks we have been learning about place value and partitioning numbers. We have also begun to use rulers to measure in cm's and next week we will begin to think about time. If you would like to support your child with any aspect of maths over the next two weeks you could help them with telling the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and measuring lengths and widths in cm's.




Harvest topic

Harvest topic 1
Harvest topic 2
Harvest topic 3
Harvest topic 4
Harvest topic 5
Great harvest projects from Jaden, Imogen, Molly M and Alex. The bread was phenomenal! Well done all of you. 

Bread making.

Bread making. 1
Bread making. 2
Bread making. 3
Bread making. 4
Bread making. 5
Bread making. 6
Bread making. 7
Bread making. 8
Bread making. 9
Bread making. 10
Bread making. 11
Bread making. 12
Bread making. 13
Bread making. 14
Bread making. 15
Bread making. 16
Bread making. 17
Bread making. 18
Bread making. 19
Bread making. 20
Bread making. 21
Bread making. 22
Bread making. 23
Bread making. 24
Bread making. 25
Bread making. 26
Bread making. 27
Bread making. 28
Bread making. 29
Bread making. 30
Bread making. 31
Bread making. 32
Bread making. 33
Bread making. 34
Bread making. 35
Bread making. 36
Bread making. 37
Bread making. 38
Bread making. 39


What a busy couple of weeks!


Firstly, we had a wonderful day at the Museum of East Anglian Life. The children made butter, which we hope they enjoyed eating. We visited an old mill, fed some very friendly animals, a goat was particularly favoured by some of Snowy Owls and we began to find out how people lived in the past.

1 child said of the day 

            "It was the best day ever, except for Christmas and my Birthday!" 

A true endorsement of a fun filled day.


Secondly, we had our harvest festival. Wow, Snowy Owls and the rest of Key Stage One were super brave at performing in such a big church and were super well behaved. We were very proud of them all.


A big thank you to all the mums, dads and grandparents who helped walk with us to the church and/or came with us to the Museum, really appreciated thank you.


Although we have had some fun days out we have also been working hard too. We have finished our topic on the Enormous Turnip and each child has written their own huge vegetable story. For the next two weeks we will be looking at instructions.


In Maths we have been doubling and halving and now moving onto adding and subtracting. We have added 2 digit numbers to a 1 digit number e.g. 25 + 4, and we will now be moving onto subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number. We have identified strategies to help us do the adding mentally. We know that 5 + 4 = 9  then we know that we need to add the twenty back on to get the answer. We are using our own mental number knowledge and adjusting. We will be doing the same with subtracting.




We have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday please have named kit in school daily. They can leave their kit here. Please no ear rings on those days.


Please NAME jumpers and cardigans, there are 16 unnamed cardigans and jumpers in the lost property bin outside Tawny Owls, we can not return these to their owners. If you have any lost property please come and look through as it is getting rather full and see if you can claim anything!


Last week of clubs this week as we have parents evening the next week, please sign up in the community room. If you can't make those days please let us know and we can arrange a different day and time.




Another fab week in Snowy Owls!


We have been busy practising our Harvest Festival song; finding out about the seasons; finding and writing our own expanded noun phrases; practising our spellings and handwriting and in maths we have been learning to recall our number bonds to 10,20 and 100.


For Maths this weekend your child could play 'Hit the Button' or create a poster finding all the ways to make 10, 20 or 100.


We have also been discussing how the seasons change and what happens in each season. We are particularly going to look at how the day changes over the year and how it gets darker earlier at night and later in the morning during the autumn and winter. It would be great if you could discuss this with your children and start to note down when it gets dark at night over the next couple of days and then again in a couple of weeks and see if it has changed. We are going to be doing this in school too.


In case anyone would like to continue our Enormous Turnip topic in English, the Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich are putting a performance on over half term. Here is a link.


And here is a link to our Harvest song. (I hope it works!)


We are really looking forward to our trip on Tuesday to the Museum of East Anglian Life. Fingers crossed for nice weather!




Welcome to Year 2 and Snowy Owls. What a great start to the new term and school year!


smiley We loved seeing the 'Tour of Britain' speed past us, we all cheered at the tops of our voices. 

smiley We have begun working hard on our topic for this half term 'Harvest'. Thinking of harvest time in the past and creating beautiful still life art.

smiley We have enjoyed learning our English text, The Enormous Turnip, and begun to identify features of traditional tales and using inference to think about the characters feelings.

smiley We have been thinking about place value in maths and which numbers are bigger or smaller.


Maths ideas for homework this week:

  •  Look for two digit numbers when you are out and about, how many tens are in that number how many ones? Can you think of a bigger number and a smaller number?
  • Play 'Hit the button' this is a great website where your child will be able to use their quick mental maths skills to answer a variety of questions. They can choose any of the quizzes, but maybe stick to number bonds to 20 first. The times tables they must know by the end of year 2 are the 2's, 5's and 10's and begin to have a good grasp of the 3's, so practising these would also be very beneficial.


Thank you to all the parents who came to 'Meet the Teacher'. It was lovely to see you all. If you couldn't make it I have attached the letter at the bottom, but you should have been given a hard copy from your child today. The really important parts of the meeting were:

  • Please read with your child as much as possible, if your child reads 3 times a week at home they will receive a Dojo, which are the class rewards system points, so please write in the reading record when you have. Books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Reading is vitally important to your child's learning. It is a major part of our school day and we would love it to be continued at home.
  • Spellings will be sent home every Monday and will be tested the following Monday. 
  • Maths ideas, for you to support your child with at home, will be put on here at the end of every week.
  • PE is on Tuesday and Thursday, outdoors on Tuesday, indoors on Thursday. Please can all children have their PE kit in school every day, I have always asked for PE kits to stay in school until the end of half term, then they can be taken home and washed. If your child gets really dirty then it can be sent home before that, but they really don't need washing weekly, and there is less chance of your child forgetting their PE kit.
  • Teachers will now be on the playground at 8.40 every morning, ready to chat with you if needed. When the bell goes at 8.45 we will be expecting to take your children in immediately ready to start learning. We would like to make sure all children are on their correct lines and not on the play equipment, I know it is very tempting! I am always available at the end of the school day too if you need to have a chat. 


Thank you all for sending your children into school every day ready to learn, they are already proving themselves to be super stars.