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News and Up-coming Events:


Welcome everyone! 


Firstly, thank you so much to you all for turning out in the wet weather on Friday 14th July to attend our summer fete. The wettest fete we have ever had to contend with! You all showed up and helped to raise £1,350 for the school! You are all amazing!



Our next meeting is the AGM and is due to take place on Friday 25th August 2023. If you would like to attend any of our meetings, whether to listen to the plans for this school year or to provide input or feedback, please email us: and we will send you a link to join.


The minutes from the last meeting are posted at the bottom of this page.


Dates for your Diary This Term: 


AGM - Friday 25th August 2023


New Members needed!


We really need you to join the PTA and lend your support and event organising skills in order for us to plan and run fundraising events to raise funds for the school. Please contact us by email:, or speak to Sarah, Penny or Andrew in the playground to find out more! We would love to hear from you.



Other ways you can help us....


Online Shopping - Raising Funds

We have been looking at other ways to raise much-needed funds for school equipment and activities as simply as possible. While we don’t wish to promote any specific platform, if you are already using any of these platforms for online shopping, we would be hugely grateful if you could consider raising funds for us while you shop.


It is really simple to raise funds for the school as you shop online using Easyfundraising. It doesn't cost you any extra and always lovely to see the total raised creeping up. 




Please follow us on Facebook and share posts with friends and family. It's a great way of staying in touch as we can quickly reach people with news and information.


Next meeting........


The AGM - Friday 25th August 2023 


Fresh ideas, input and energy are always appreciated massively! Feedback, support and encouragement boosts morale and keeps everyone motivated. We are all working towards the same goal which is providing much needed resources and essential equipment for all of our children at the school. Every penny raised is spent ensuring your children have the necessary tools for learning. We can’t do this without you!


Events for 2023


To be confirmed after our first meeting of the new school term in September 2023


Please remember to the LIKE "Friends of St Edmundsbury" Page on Facebook for more news and updates!


If you would like to support the PTA and have any ideas you would like to put forward, please pass them onto us on email: or speak to one of us in the playground. Please remember, there are very few active members and while we love to hear new ideas, we will also need help from others to bring them into existence.


We have updated our charity status, please see a copy of our constitution signed by our members and our charity registration certificate attached at the bottom of the page.

Who we are


The Friends of St Edmundsbury School are a group of parents, carers and teachers who are committed to supporting our school. Our main focus is organising fundraising and social events, but we also try and attract support for the school from local businesses and other organisations.
There are core members who regularly attend committee meetings and plan the programme for the year, but many other parents and carers across the school are involved in small ways in putting on events. It is the contributions from the cake-bakers, face-painters, equipment shifters, drink pourers and ticket sellers that make it all possible! There are fewer core members than ever before and we are always looking to welcome more help. Please do get involved if you can!

What we do

The highlights of our year are the Christmas Disco, Father Christmas visit, Chocolate Bingo event and Summer Fete, but there are also regular smaller events such as cake sales, jumble sales and Christmas Wreath making. Details of the events are on the Facebook page, school website or in the school newsletters.
The money raised by the Friends is put to good use around the school. Much of the landscaping work was paid for through Friends’ fundraising, the KS1 playground play equipment as well as a new PA system, collapsible staging and Ipads  Many items helping the children in their learning were also funded by the Friends. In the Summer Term 2022 and 2023 we were delighted to be able to fund visits from the Drama Geezers which are very popular both with the students and the teachers! 

Why we do it


Our aim is to make children’s time at St Edmundsbury even better by raising money to invest in the school. In a time of financial pressures, school budgets are constantly being cut, so the Friends are keen to make sure St Edmundsbury children benefit from the things that will help them learn and enjoy school as much as possible. We also think that getting school families together through fundraising events is a great way to support one another and to have fun.

Get involved!


If you would like to get involved in any way, including if you have links to local businesses we might be able to work in partnership with, please speak to any of us in the playground, message us on Facebook or email us: Please remember to LIKE our Facebook page to keep up to date with news and events!


We are always happy to meet new parents whether your children are new starters or if they have been with us a while, we love new input, fresh ideas and energy! Come along to our next meeting, we would love to hear from you!