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Mathematics Curriculum Intent


In Mathematics, children learn about the nature and use of mathematical ideas and skills. They should be taught about:


  • Connections between what they learn and their everyday existence
  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Mathematical language
  • Applying what they learn to practical situations
  • Reflecting on their own mathematical activities and checking the accuracy of their results
  • Recognising and using relationships, rules, patterns and structures
  • Describing strategies of investigation and reasoning in their own words


The Knowledge, Skills and Understanding which children gain through their study of Mathematics can be regarded in terms of:


  • Using mathematics
  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Shape and space
  • Data handling


How we teach Mathematics at St Edmundsbury


At St Edmundsbury we want all of our children to leave Year 6 as confident, fluent and curious mathematicians who are able to apply their knowledge to a range of problems and experiences.

As part of our teaching of Mathematics, we focus on delivering a mastery approach, supporting all children in our school to take their mathematical knowledge deeper and to achieve their full potential. In order to do this, we embed the following approaches into our teaching:

  • The use of concrete manipulatives,
  • The ability to think deeply through reasoning and problem solving,
  • The use of diagrams, including the bar model, to support and prove understanding,
  • The ability to explain understanding through using mathematical vocabulary.

Our teaching follows a clear progression through the year groups, allowing the children to practise and build upon prior knowledge, as well as linking this to new skills acquired in that year group. By the end of Year 6, children should have a wealth of mathematical skills and knowledge to draw on, allowing them to access problems in depth and through their chosen method.