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Mathematics (up to 21st September 2018)


In mathematics, we have been aiming to have a deep understanding of number. We have used resources such as Dienes and place value counters. There has been a lot of discussion about the numbers, proving our thinking and solving problems.


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English (up to Friday 21st September 2018)

We have been reading a book called "The Tunnel" by Anthony Browne. We have studied the text and pictures carefully. We have been thinking about how to write more complex sentences. For example, instead of: I can see some trees; we would write: As I crawled out of the tunnel, I was surrounded by the canopy of rich green leaves that shaded most of the light.


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Time is flying by and we have been so busy. This page will show you some of the things that we have been doing and learning in Hawk Owls class.

GREAT OWLS 2018-2019

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Year 4 Kingswood Residential May 2018


Please see the Hawk Owls class page for the first set of photographs from our amazing Residential trip.

Let it snow!

Let it snow! 1
Let it snow! 2

Addition and subtraction methods

Friday 26th January 2018

English - We have been increasing our narrative skills by concentrating on setting descriptions and character descriptions. This has fed into our writing of our Hot Task myth.

Maths - We have moved onto looking at subtraction using place value counters and the formal method.

Topic - This week, we have worked in groups to research and understand different Anglo-Saxon Gods and Goddesses.

PE - Our Anglo-Saxon dance continues to take shape and our dribbling and passing skills are improving in hockey.

Today, we learnt that we will be getting a visit from Paralympian, Sean Rose on Friday 9th February 2018. What an inspiration this will be to us all.

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Friday 12th January 2018


What a busy week!


In English, we have been thinking about myths - especially the Anglo-Saxon myth of Beowulf.


In Maths, we are progressing well with addition and subtraction using the formal column method. Place value counters are helping us to understand carrying and exchanging.


The children have very much enjoyed starting Times Table Rock Stars. The progress has been outstanding.


Our Topic work has seen us concentrate on where and why the Anglo-Saxons came from in order to invade Britain.


We have started to put together an Anglo-Saxon dance and have been improving our close control dribbling skills in hockey.



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Can you guess the metaphor from the clues?

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Video of the week - English

Simile Girl and Metaphor Man are here to save the day! These heroes make learning your similes and metaphors as easy as pie. Similes and Metaphors By The Bazillions ©2013 All rights reserved. Similes and metaphors are similar but nothing more than a comparison in different ways.

Friday 1st December 2017


What a busy week!


In English, our poetry is making amazing progress. We have been looking at the poetic features of simile, metaphor and alliteration. We have also been putting these features into our own poem.

Maths, we have continued to use resources to convince and problem solve about different numbers.

Our Christingle service is taking shape - remember that parents are invited to the school hall at 2pm on Friday 15th December.

Friday 10th November 2017



We have enjoyed reading, performing and learning different poems.



We have continued to use Dienes and place value counters to make and understand different numbers.

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Our maths talk and reasoning is improving. We have more resilience in our problem solving.

Friday 3rd November 2017


In English we have been looking at interview texts. The children have had the experience of interviewing Mr Kearns and watching a YouTube clip of an interview with Mr Souter's son.


In Maths, we have been looking at representing different numbers using Dienes.

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Friday 13th October


DT day!

We have had a fantastic few days designing and making  wooden cars. We have learnt how to use hacksaws, how to sandpaper and glue our structures together. We even made electrical circuits to light up headlamps! Thank you to everyone who made a donation. 


English - We have been learning how to write instructions. After creating our cars, we completed our hot tasks which involved writing instructions.


Maths - This week we have been using our measuring skills whilst building our cars. We have also been practising our times tables, there are some great songs on Youtube to help learn these! 

Friday 15th September 


We have settled quickly in to Great Owls and are enjoying the challenge of year 4. Our classroom is looking bright and colourful thanks to the children's wonderful art. 



We have had a busy week exploring ELECTRICITY! Great owls worked out how to light up a bulb and talked about the importance of having a complete circuit. If you would like to follow up our learning at home, it would be worthwhile investigating the appliances in your house that use electricity. 



In English we have been learning how to write an effective description using interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs. The children have come up with some brilliant similes including; 'as cold as an ice pop', 'as soft as a kitten' and 'as argumentative as my brother'. 



In maths this week we have been looking at place value. We have been able to identify the value of each digit in a 4 digit number and compare and order numbers. 

Remember- when using < and >, the crocodile's mouth always faces the biggest number.