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I just wanted to update you about good news...

As a school we entered Bury in Bloom and worked very hard as a team of staff, children, parents and governors to plant up and create a wonderful garden at the front of our school. The Bury in Bloom committee met over the summer and gave us this exciting news;


The judges were very impressed with the wonderful work you have done.

      We are delighted to be able to tell you that you have won this year's Gold Award. Congratulations!

     We will be in touch in September with details of the awards ceremony.

Have a wonderful Summer.



The awards ceremony will be held in October at The Apex. 

As a whole school community, we are very proud of this achievement and grateful to the judges for the recognition of our teamwork.

The theme of our garden was coronation and we tried very hard to feature red, white and blue flowers more strongly. The judges also liked that we used peat free moss and included elements of recycling and upcycling to complement the flowers.  We all benefited from the fresh air and peace that being outside brings. Thank you so much to everyone for your support in providing plants and gardening. It was truly a whole St Eds community effort. 


Hope you have had a lovely summer and we look forward to planning this year's Bury in Bloom offering! 

Science Curriculum Intent


In Science, children learn about the animate and inanimate world around them. They should be taught about:


  • Developing a sense of wonder about the world around them
  • Ways of finding out about living things, materials and phenomena
  • Interpreting scientific evidence
  • Communicating scientific ideas
  • Making links between scientific activities and ideas
  • Ways in which scientific ideas affect people’s lives
  • Ways in which scientific issues affect the environment
  • The cultural implications of scientific activities and ideas
  • The moral issues associated with scientific activities and ideas
  • Cause and effect


The Knowledge, Skills and Understanding which children gain through their study of Science can be regarded in terms of:


  • Enquiry
  • Interpretation
  • Living things
  • Materials
  • Physical processes
  • Communicating